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What is Anal Bleaching?


Anal Bleaching

What is it?

This could be a shocker to many parents who have been living a sheltered live. Anal bleaching is defined simply as a cosmetic technique. However, in specific terms, it refers to bleaching the anal area using very strong bleaching solutions such as hydroquinone. Those who have embraced and implemented anal bleaching include celebrities, strippers, actresses and body builders.

Is it Offensive?

To bleach or not to bleach one’s anal area is personal. It may offend some people while it’s fun to others. What is of concern to many is the hygienic and health issues involved during the process. Experts in the medical field opine that anal stains occur due to drinking too much coffee, poor hygiene and high consumption of soda. So after many years of improper hygiene coupled with bad eating habits resulted in dark skin around the anal area.

So the obvious alternative is to revert back to the original skin tone by way of bleaching just as in bleaching of teeth by dentists when they turn brown due to stain. The only difference is the type of compounds used. In anal bleaching, cleansing gels containing certain percentage of iron peroxide are used to wipe away the anal area; much in the same manner as baby wipes.

In general, discoloration of the anal area occurs due to genetics. In some people, the anal area is heavily pigmented than in others. Many high-end salons offer anal bleaching treatment as the costs involved are way out of reach for the average wage earner.

It is apparent that anal bleaching is for those who are aware of what they are doing. The only drawback is where to source the right information regarding the issue.

Facts at Hand

Anal browning does not come about because of poor hygiene as others claim. It is due to age coupled with hormonal malfunctions in the body. Pregnancy, as claimed by some women is to blame for dark anal stains. Having undergone anal treatments, many reviews from women who have had that experience confess to having ended up with severe burns and a lot of discomforts which made them seek medical treatment again.

The caveat is simple and it is that anal bleaching is right only for those who are capable of offering the treatment. Otherwise, a huge number of the population is too embarrassed to demand the right information regarding the subject.

Even if you are old fashioned, squatting to view your anal area for purposes of changing its color would be absurd enough. To many people it doesn’t add up to their to-do list while others consent to have scrubbed, bathed, or added the powder to their bodies including the anal area. However, the idea of bleaching is more of a taboo than anything else. They say that the color of their private parts shall remain what it is period. The color of the anal area does not influence one’s sex life. Furthermore, the information regarding the subject remains sketchy. People are yet to understand the ramification of bleaching such sensitive parts of your body.

At home anal Bleaching Support


anal bleaching treatment

Women and even men are more obsessed with their appearance because they want to appear flawless and fit in socially. We all know that a unibrow is a universal sign of beauty disgrace. Many people with a unibrow are less socially accepted because for some reason it is viewed as a negative skin growth.

However, worrying about the ugly unibrow is not the only fear we must face as we age.

Bleaching of the anus is a new cosmetic advance that allows individuals to improve themselves so that they feel satisfied with their body. Most of us feel unhappy and unsatisfied with our own appearance when it is unnatural looking in appearance of darker in appearance.

However, bleaching approaches are considered treatment options due to the ingredients they contain. Hydroquinone is found in bleaching treatments, and this ingredient can be dangerous when trying to perform an anal bleach treatment. This is because the ingredient Hydroquinone can be risky and can promote harmful side effects. Hydroquinone can result in harmful side effects like irritation, redness, sensitivity or skin chapping.

Anal bleaching treatments are offered in spas and salons by someone that is trained to administer the product. But they are not the top options on the market. Instead these products need to be a last resort option since they use risky ingredients. Also, treatments can be more expensive compared to non-treatment options.

A less harsh approach of skin improvement is the use of a whitening cream. Whitening creams often use less harmful ingredients. That’s the difference between whitening creams and a bleaching treatment. Treatments use Hydroquinone where as whitening cream does not. Intimate area whitening creams can be found online for under $50.  These are more affordable then options that cost more than $50. Look for products online as they are often more affordable and offer the best deals.

Adult entertainers are not the only individuals that use such products. Now fashion models for lingerie, bikini wear and other modeling aspects use products to reduce the look of intimate discolorations. This helps improve their appearance so that their body begins to look natural again rather than discolored.

Can You Whiten Your Anus At Home ?


can you whiten your anus at home

Aiming to look your best can be a task that never ends, especially for women. Constantly doing our hair, makeup, nails and eyebrows can be exhausting, but if we don’t do it, we can look a bit crazy. Most of us focus on areas that are exposed most frequently, but did you know that even areas that are protected by clothing and are mostly hidden can darken in color which means they will need to be addressed as well.

Even the most sensitive areas of the body need tending too as time goes on. This is because they can change rapidly and may appear darker as we age. Areas like the penis, anal area, vagina, underarms, nipples and scrotum can darken in appearance. Darkening of these areas can be natural due to genetics, shaving and waxing.

Intimate whitening is self explanatory. It’s intended to whiten the look of intimates. The most sensitive intimate areas are the anus followed by the vagina, penis, nipples and scrotum. The underarms are sensitive as well, so be careful when trying to whiten the look of the underarms. This is because other products like deodorant may have to be applied to prevent odors.

As long as a cream does not contain Hydroquinone then you are reducing the likelihood of encountering side effects. Most products that use Hydroquinone are treatments and many manufacturers use this ingredient to bleach the appearance of the anus because they know it works. However, effectiveness is not the only key factor to consider. Effectiveness and safety are the most important things when looking for a product. Just because a product works does not mean its safe. That makes it hard to find the best anal bleaching cream on the market because they typically all contain Hydroquinone or ingredients similar to it.

Hydroquinone has been shown in studies to offer visible results when looking to bleach the anal area, but Hydroquinone has been connected to harmful effects like irritation, chapping, redness, blistering, and sensitivity on the skin. This means products that use this ingredient may be potentially harmful.