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ZENMED® Stretta™: Review



ZENMED® Stretta™ Overview:

Stretch marks are a form of scarring those results when weight changes occur. You can notice these defined scars on the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks and stomach. So in order to address this cosmetic concern, you will need to elect an inexpensive option that works.

We did not find any information supporting that ZENMED® Stretta™ is clinically or independently tested to minimize the look of stretch marks, but the manufacturer suggests that this formula contains proven powerful ingredients.

ZENMED® Stretta™ claims that it is applicable on all skin types and tones. Supposedly there are no ingredients found in ZENMED® Stretta™ that would cause hyperpigmentation or blotches on the skin. Use as directed by the manufacturer.

We have found that ZENMED® Stretta™ works on old and new stretch marks but depending on their size will determine how long a single bottle of this product will last. The manufacturer states that the sooner you address the look of stretch marks with color, the better.

According to the manufacturer, ZENMED® Stretta™ does not contain fragrances, dyes, animal ingredients or non-recyclables. ZENMED® Stretta™ is cost-effective and retails for less than $70 online but does not offer a Buy 2, Get 1 Free deal. There are some options on the market that offer this purchase special benefit. You can see these products if you refer to the grid below to get more information.

Product Characteristics:


  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark  Intended to improve pigment
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark Results may be obtained in weeks
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark Promoted for all skin types and tones
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark States that it minimizes the look of stretch marks


  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Buy 2, get 1 Free deal not offered
  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Does not state its clinically tested or independently proven



Sizes Available:

1.7 oz

Directions For Use:

DUE TO POTENCY USE ON BODY ONLY. Use after bath or shower. Wait one minute. Apply a small amount onto hand and rub into affected areas twice daily. If irritating, reduce use to once daily. Results normally appear after 4-6 weeks of consistent use. It is highly recommended that a SPF 30 or above should be used if exposing skin to sun. 

Ingredients List:

Purified Water, Glycolic Acid, Octyl Palmitate, Sunflower Oil (Certified Organic), Vegetable Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Cetyl Alcohol, TEA Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Vitamin E, Dimethicone, Cocoa Butter, Allantoin, Aloe Vera Gel (Certified Organic), Centillica Asiatica, Panthenol, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Methyl & Propyl Paraben, Diazolidinyl Urea, Lavender Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Lime Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil

Where is Product Manufactured:

Made in the USA.

Final Thoughts on ZENMED® Stretta™:

Looking for an option to improve the appearance of your stretch marks? ZENMED® Stretta™ may improve the appearance of stretch marks on the skin in just 4-6 weeks of consistent use. This formula appears to contain ingredients that are promoted to improve pigment and cell turnover. However, there is no information claiming this product is clinically tested and Buy 2, get 1 Free specials are not offered.


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