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Truewhite On The Go System: Review

Truewhite On The Go System Overview:

When it comes to teeth whitening affordability and application technique is the most considered topic. We all want a product that works for a good price. However, teeth whitening can come in several forms, such as a toothpaste, mouth rinse, strips or even a pen form.

Truewhite On The Go System is promoted as a teeth whitening pen that is good for up to 20 applications and can easily fit into your lifestyle. This pen appears to be small enough to fit in a woman’s purse for the convenience of emergency teeth whitening occasions. The manufacturer states that this product does not promote pain or sensitivities. However, this on the go pen has a MSRP of $65. This may be expensive; you may want to explore other options on the market.


Teeth Whitening Gel

Sizes Available:

1 brush tip pen (20 uses), or 3 brush tip applicators (60 applications)

Directions For Use:

Refer to packaging for details.

Ingredients List:

Refer to package for details.

Where is Product Manufactured:


Final Thoughts on Truewhite On The Go System:

Truewhite On The Go System states that it helps immediately change the color of your teeth in as little as five minutes. The manufacturer claims it does not take 7-14 days like most whitening pens. This system is small and can easily fit into your lifestyle. You may purchase this product directly from its manufacturer for $65 or you can take advantage of the trio offer for $188. The trio option offers a savings of $15.

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