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Tearplex Review : 2018’s Top Choice Tear Stain Product

Tearplex Features:

  • Does NOT contain Tylosin - A Potentially Dangerous Ingredient
  • Safe for both Dogs and Cats
  • Contains Natural ingredients
  • Effective towards future stains and existing stains
  • Buy 2, get 1 free Offered
  • For All Breeds

Tearplex Review:

Tearplex™ is 100% natural and does not use harmful antibiotic ingredients like Tylosin in its formula. Tylosin has been linked to negative side effects and because of its dangers when administered to dogs or cats, some countries have forbidden products with Tylosin*. To learn more about the harmful effects of this ingredient, please visit the resource link provided underneath our review grid.

Tearplex™ uses safe and effective ingredients like Eyebright, Billberry Extract, and Gluthathione. Each ingredient in this formula was selected based on its individual benefits and how it works synergistically in the product.

  1. Billberry Extract- improves vision
  2. Eyebright- acts as an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory aid
  3. Gluthathione– improved cell health, immunity and liver function

Tearplex™ has no known side effects reported and may be used on all breeds of dogs, even cats. This is important since your pet will be using this product on a monthly basis to maintain results. Some individuals reported visible improvement of their dogs tear stains in just weeks of application!

Keep in mind that tear stains can change in color depending on age and your dog’s genetics. Luckily, Tearplex™ was designed to be effective toward future stains and works on existing stains. For best results, it is recommended that you cut or trim the hair near the eyes of your dog or cat so it can no longer enter their eyes and helps lessen the development of future stains, while administering Tearplex™ on top of their food daily.

Veterinarian Trusted Seal

Tearplex™ is Veterinarian Trusted and is offered in two purchase options at this time. Individuals can take advantage of the $50 Savings offer and buy a three month supply for only $99, otherwise a single bottle is sold for $49.95 online.

Tearplex Results:

Visible improvement of your pets fur near the eyes can be seen in as little as 2–3 weeks. However, it may take up to 5–6 weeks to achieve dramatic results.

Where To Order Tearplex & More Information

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Tearplex FAQ's:

Tearplex Faq

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