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Rejuveness Hyper-Heal Scar Cream: Review



Rejuveness Hyper-Heal Scar Cream Overview:

Scars can darken if left unprotected and you’re out in the sun. Also, in general scars can be ugly looking and ruin one’s self confidence. So what can you do? Trying using a scar product that can be applied in the privacy of your own home, but be sure it’s worth the buy!

Electing a scar option that is comprised of silicone, retails for an affordable price, works on scars of all ages including Keloids are highly recommended for purchase. This may take some time and effort. However, we have outlined some of these options in the grid below or you can read about Rejuveness Hyper-Heal Scar Cream.

According to the manufacturer of Rejuveness Hyper-Heal Scar Cream, it is marketed to address the look of old scars, new scars and Keloid scars. You can find this product online, but it is not cost-effective in our opinion it is pricey. This cream is sold for more than $50 and does not offer Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials. However, it does not use silicone in its formula. 100% silicone has been shown to improve the look o scars when used topically. Be sure to review the pros of using a scar product containing only silicone.

Product Characteristics:


  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark  Intended for use on Keloids
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark For old and new scars
  • Cons:

  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Not affordably priced (sold for more than $50)
  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Does not offer Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials
  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Does not contain 100% silicone ingredients



Sizes Available:

1.9 oz

Directions For Use:

Apply a small amount of the scar cream, spread evenly over affected area twice a day (morning and evening). Average healing time is 1 to 3 months, continue treatment until scar stops improving.

Ingredients List:

Glycoproteins (Biotechnolgoically-derived fraction which is rich in oligopeptides), Ceramide 3 (Correct 3-human identical lipid structure),Ceramide IIIB, Ceramide 6 (Correct 3-human identical lipid structure), Ceramide 1 (Correct human identical skin lipid in combination with the EFA, linoleic acid), Cholesterol, Aloe Vera, Soy, and Lactic Acid 1%. DOES NOT CONTAIN PARABENS.

Where is Product Manufactured:

Made in the USA.

Final Thoughts on Rejuveness Hyper-Heal Scar Cream:

Rejuveness Hyper-Heal Scar Cream does not contain high quality ingredients in our opinion. We feel products that contain 100% silicone are the top options on the market because silicone has been proven effective in reducing and healing the look of scars. Be sure to use this product as directed if you do decide to purchase it. However, it is pricey and does not offer Buy 2, get 1 Free savings at this time.


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