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Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement: Review




Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement Overview:

Tear stains are highly visible in smaller white breeds like the Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Poodle and Bichon Frise. Although these are common breeds affected by this health concern, this does not mean that other breeds will not be affected by stains or that dogs with darker hair/fur will not have them either! That is why you should elect a tear stain supplement to address this issue and help get it under control.

Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement is marketed as a antibiotic-free tear stain supplement that is effective on existing tear stains and may prevent the development to future stains. This formula was developed in 2015 to provide pet owners with a safe and natural tear stain product, as claimed by the manufacturer.

Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement is sold online for an affordable price. It was originally offered for $39.99, but it now has a MSRP of $25.97. Products that are sold for less than $50 online and contain natural ingredients without the use of Tylosin are highly recommended!

Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement claims that it may offer results in just a few weeks when used as directed. This formula is also intended to support the immune system while improving your dog or cats eye health. To see how Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement compared, see our grid below.

Product Characteristics:


  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark  For dogs and cats
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark For existing and future stains
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark Affordably priced
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark Does not contain Tylosin
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark Claims it supports a healthy Immune System


  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Does not offer Buy 2, get 1 Free deals



Sizes Available:

7 oz

Directions For Use:

Based on weight: Up to 15 lbs. (1/3 teaspoon), 16 to 50 lbs (2/3 teaspoon ) or 51 lbs. and over ( 1 1/3 teaspoon).

According to the manufacturer, Scoop the correct amount of the Petpost Tear Stain Supplement based on the chart to the right. Mix up the powder evenly throughout Snarls Barkley’s meal. Most dog’s love the taste of this powder, but if your pup is skeptical at first, use less than the recommended dosage and build your way up over time. Give daily until tear stains subside, then continue use for an additional month. If tear stains begin to form again, restart the treatment cycle. There is no instant cure for tear stains. This product works from the inside out, treating the vitamin deficiencies that cause tear staining in the first place. It will take 6-8 weeks to see full results. Use with Petpost’s Tear Stain Remover Liquid and Tear Stain Comb to see better, lasting results for your lovely dog more quickly.

Ingredients List:

The active ingredients in this product are Cranberry Extract, Oregon Grape Root, Vitamin C, Eyebright Herb Extract, Marchmallow Root, Linolenic Acid Omega 3, Lutein, and Linoleic Acid Omega 6.

Where is Product Manufactured:

Made in the USA.

Final Thoughts on Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement:

Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement is a powder formula that may be used daily and can improve the look of tear stains. Petpost! Tear Stain Supplement is affordably priced and claims that it is Tylosin-free. Use as directed to obtain best results. This product is made in the United States.

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