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GOUT-RX 500MG : Review




GOUT-RX 500MG Overview:

Gout can affect both men and women at any age. It can be sudden and painful, which is why most people look for a gout symptom formula. GOUT-RX 500MG is described as an herbal concentration of ingredients that are intended to manage symptoms like pain, swelling, redness, soreness, and inflammation in the joints. It may also help manage other symptoms that can affect the joints. GOUT-RX 500MG does not appear to be affordable. It is sold online for more than $45, and we feel products that cost less than $45 are more affordable for most incomes. To see a list of affordable products, see our grid below.

Product Characteristics:


  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark  Promoted as 100% herbal contents
  • 1476408445_tick_mark_dark  Claims its for swollen, redness, pain and inflammation in the joints


  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Sold for $59.99 online (expensive)
  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Does not provide a national drug control number
  • 1476408453_close_icon_dark Buy 2, Get 1 Free specials are not offered



Sizes Available:

100 capsules

Directions For Use:

Adults take three (3) capsules each time, 2-3 times a day, before or after meals, with an 8 oz glass of water.

Ingredients List: 

    • Arisaema amurense (Nan Xing) 160mg
    • Atractylodes lancea (Cang Shu) 160mg
    • Phellodendron amurense (Huang Bai) 220mg
    • Angelica anomala (Bai Zhi) 160mg
    • Cnidium officinale (Chuan Xiong) 220mg
    • Gentiana scabra (Long Dan Cao) 160mg
    • Notopterygium incisium (Qiang Huo) 220mg
    • Prunus persica (Tao Ren) 220mg
    • Massa medicate fermentata (Shen Qu) 160mg
    • Carthamus tinctorius (Hong Hua) 220mg
    • Cinnamomum cassia (Gui Zhi) 160mg

Where is Product Manufactured:

This product is not made in the USA.

Final Thoughts on GOUT-RX 500MG:

GOUT-RX 500MG does not appear to be made in the United States and a national drug control number is not published for this product. We recommend that you explore your options and elect a product that is registered with the FDA.

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