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BRAVECTO® Overview:

BRAVECTO® is a pork flavored flea and tick protection regimen that should be administered every 12 weeks. BRAVECTO® is intended for both dogs and cats. This product is sold in a chew or topical option. Be sure to review the directions details.


chew or topical solution

Sizes Available:

just 1 dose up to every 12 weeks

Directions For Use:

Refer to product packaging for details.

Ingredients List:

Refer to product packaging for details.

Where is Product Manufactured:

Made in the USA.

Final Thoughts on BRAVECTO®:

BRAVECTO® is only available by prescription through a Veterinarian. Also, a MSRP is not provided since this has to be obtained through your vet. Be sure to use this product as directed to achieve best results.

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