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Express circuit workout for women

Express circuit workout for women

Finding time to exercise is an ongoing battle that I face constantly. Between the demands of my job and finding time to spend with my family exercise is often the last thing on my mind. When I do get a chance to exercise I find that I often do not know what exercises I should be doing. Additionally, these exercises require me to work out for over an hour which is way more time than I have available to me. For these reasons I designed my worn express circuity workout to help me get as much done in as little time as possible.

  • Pushups: Now if you’ve ever been to high school then you know the fear that pushups elicit. However pushups are a great upper workout but also are a compound exercise. Compound exercises are particularly important in your exercise regime as they work more than one muscle group at a time. Pushups in particular are also an important addition because there are several variations that can be implemented to increase the difficulty. For example wide grip pushups. Diamond pushups or even pushup planks. Start with 1 set of 10 pushups and slowly work your way up over time until you can do several more repetitions.
  • Burpees: If you’ve done these before, chances are they are not your favorite exercise. Burpees are a tough but excellent form of High Intensity Training (HIIT) that helps to get your blood flowing and burn tons of calories. To perform go into a pushup position, bring your knees to your chest and then jump straight up raising your arms in the air. It seems easy enough on paper but boy does it take a toll on you. When I get through my round of burpees I feel like I have pushed every aspect of my body. Like pushups these are compound exercises and also have a variety of different versions that can be implemented to increase difficultly. Try to get through 1 set of 10 burpees after you completed the 10 pushups.
  • Squats: These next exercises are a staple in any good workout routine. Squats are a good lower body workout that helps to shape your quads and glutes. Typically I try to get through a set of 50 squats, however to start off you may want to try doing 25. You could also try doing a squat hold by placing your back against a wall and holding the squat position for one minute. Another alternative to the squat are lunges, these are a great lower body workout and do not cause too much stress or tension on the knees. There are also several variations of squats that you can try as well so don’t be afraid to switch things up.
  • Mountain Climbers: I love these exercises because they are a great way to get my heart rate going. To perform go into pushup position and raise one knee to your chest then alternate with the other. That will be one single move, now repeat this process for roughly 25 times and then take a break. This exercise help to build your core muscle and also combines it with great cardio which helps you to burn fat. It

Now I’m not going to lie to you, these exercises are tough. I remember the first workout that I did I could hardly make it through one round let alone three! However as you progress you get stronger and the workouts do not seem as hard over time. When you start to see results it also makes you more motivated to stay on track to achieve your fitness goals. If you are like me and have struggled to find the time to go to the gym, these workouts are simple yet effective. They will truly transform your body and make you feel much more confident as you get better. Try to get through 2-4 full sets of these workouts, but most importantly maintain proper form, always remember quality over quantity.

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