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4th Superbug of the United States

What is considered the 4th Superbug of the United States?

There were four superbug cases reported as per now and the first case was reported in the china that caused death to a man. This death was caused by the bacteria mcr-1 gene that was found to be in the food that the patent has consumed prior to the death as per the reports. The fourth case is also very similar to the first case and this time it caused death to a very small little girl at the age of two who was a resident of the United States of America.

According to the experts, global health crisis one of the major issues that restrict the growth and development of the society as a whole. It can affect nations, countries, states and everyone and could cause serious damage to life on earth. According to the researches carried out 10 million deaths is expected each year by 2050 if no action is taken against the global health crisis. Recently a dreaded superbug was found for the first time in the United States in a woman which is also the 4th case that has been reported so far. Therefore as experts conclude actions should be taken as soon as possible in order to fight back against this global issue that can affect the entire human race. Looking at the sustainability concerns, it is our duty to protect this world and the man kind for our future generations and thus health care crisis is one of the big issues that should be addressed immediately by every nation collectively as well as individually.

According to the reports, the United States officials has detected a potentially harmful and deadly superbug for the fourth time in an US patient. The victim is a small girl who is just two years of age who had been under diarrhea and high feverish conditions after a journey to the Caribbean on visiting friends and the relatives. She has taken meats that were bought from a live animal market for her meals and two days before returning the United States she has been reporting some negative health conditions. However this was not just the normal diarrhea, but it was another bacteria that caused the girl high fever and diarrhea conditions. According to the reports travelers are mostly exposed to these bugs and it can enter even without your notice through food and other mechanisms. Food is the most common way people acquire these superbugs. The girl’s bad healthy conditions are said to be as a result of the mcr-1 bacteria that can be deadly just like the first death reported in China as mentioned above. However as per now no environmental contamination or transmissions to other people are reported but the conditions and likelihood of transmissions are still under investigations.

As mentioned above this can be deadly and can affect the entire mankind if necessary steps are not taken at the right time. People should be educated on this matter to make them aware.

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