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Tips for healthy Joints


Tips for healthy joints

Be it due to aging or due to a wrong posture, joints are the worst hit. There are 2 or more bones meeting at the joints and connected by several muscles and tendons. Pain in the joints can hinder normal day to day activities. Here are a few tips to keep your joints healthy:

  • Correct your posture:Whether you are sitting at your workplace or at home, make it a point to maintain a healthy posture. Most instances of joint pains occur due to the wrong posture that causes strain on the muscles and joints.
  • Exercise your wrist:For those who work with a computer, the wrist is one joint that faces a lot of strain. Continuously using your keyboard and especially working with your mouse can be strenuous for the wrists. Exercise your wrists. Give your wrists a break every now and then. Avoiding strain on the wrists can avoid the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Choose ergonomic furniture:If your work requires you to sit for long hours choose ergonomic furniture. Sitting at your desk for long hours can cause a strain on your back and neck in particular. This is one main reason why many people complain of neck pain. Choose furniture that keeps your computer at a level that would not strain your neck. This would also keep the mouse and keyboard on a platform that wouldn’t strain the wrists.
  • Ditch the gadgets every now and then:Speaking over the phone for a long time, hunching and ogling at your mobile or tablet screen can all cause strain on the neck as well as arm joints. Do not spend too much time on your gadgets. And, whenever you do use them, remember to exercise and stretch your muscles and joints every now and then.
  • Choose the right footwear:Footwear that is too tight or uncomfortable can strain the ankles and toe joints. High-heeled footwear is another thing to avoid. Heels higher than 3 inches can cause tremendous strain on the ankle and knee. Women who wear high heels too often are at a higher risk of arthritis.
  • Mind your calcium intake:Stronger bones are required for stronger joints. Keep a check on your calcium intake. Calcium deficiency is one main reason for weaker bones. Include calcium-rich food items in your diet.
  • Mind your BMI:Being overweight can cause a lot of added weight and strain on the leg joints especially the knees. Also being disproportionate and having a lot of excess fat in certain areas can strain several joints. Being underweight is bad too. For those who are underweight or anorexic, the muscle mass is too less. They might have weaker joints and might suffer from joint pains. Monitor your BMI and keep it within the normal levels.

Besides doing all these, maintain a balanced diet. Remain physically active. Avoid smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Do not ignore any persistent joint pains. Get a physical examination and narrow down and treat the underlying cause.

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