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Premenopause is just one of several different stages of menopause. Premenopause is defined as the stage leading up to a woman’s last period, there can be some level of overlap between the premenopause stage and the perimenopause stage of the menopausal process. The primary difference between the two stages is that premenopause begins prior to a woman’s menstrual cycle becoming unreliable or erratic. Whereas perimenopause includes the period of time when cycles are erratic in nature.

The symptoms of menopause can start to develop as early as the premenopausal stage, this is when women’s hormone levels are beginning to gradually decrease and the effects of which may begin to show themselves. Technically speaking premenopause first starts when women become reproductively capable. Premenopause symptoms may be more subtle and less severe than in perimenopause, but this is not always the case. A few of the most commonly experienced symptoms of premenopause include mood swings, depression, anxiety, nausea, and higher than normal feelings of stress. Just because these are some of the most common symptoms does not mean you are guaranteed to experience them, this is also not an exhaustive list of potential premenopause symptoms. Many women may have symptoms that are not listed above.

What is there to be done about premenopause? Premenopause is an organic process that usually begins decades or at the least years before a woman enters into the next stages of menopause. Premenopausal women can benefit from making healthy lifestyle choices, working to limit the amount of stress and anxiety they feel in their lives, and in many instances from taking a supplement specially formulated to help address the symptoms of menopause. Supplements are an easy way for women to take action when it comes to the first symptoms of menopause that start to pop up in their daily lives.

Although there may be woman who scoff at the idea of using a menopause supplement during the premenopause stage, the fact is that female hormone levels start to dip during premenopause. Hormone level decreases are the cause of menopause symptoms, and such symptoms can have a large impact on how women feel and act even during premenopause. In turn finding a way to help diminish the feel of these symptoms can become a priority for many women in this stage of menopause.

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