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Is Early menopause a sign of health risks?

Is Early menopause a sign of health risks?

Early menopause is very rare in the current day age. While the average age for experiencing menopause is around 51, on the rare occasion, some women face it considerably earlier. Experts say that early menopause is considered to be happening if a women goes through it before 40. Hence why it is very rare. Studies show that only about 1% of all women face early menopause. First of all let us examine what early menopause actually is. When women get older they produce less hormones. Specifically the main hormones that are involved with the reproductive system of a woman. Namely estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones are the most vital ones when it comes to reproduction and they reduce as women grow older. If in case these two hormones reach a level which is low enough, women will permanently stop their menstrual cycle. Menopause is what comes after this. Menopause begins around twelve months after the last period of a woman.

It is however important to notice when you are undergoing menopause, especially if it is early menopause. The symptoms when it comes to early menopause are very similar to the symptoms of regular menopause. These symptoms include night sweats, irregular periods, moodiness, decreased sex drive etc... It is important to note that if you are having irregular periods or have not been getting your periods for 3 months or more, you should definitely see a doctor.

The main question however, is what the effects of early menopause are. Does it result in short term or long term side effects or whether it is indeed a sign on health risks? We have pointed above that if you do not have your periods for over 3 months you should see a doctor. There is a very important cause for this and it is a good place to start. Missed periods are connected with low estrogen levels. This means that having missed periods regularly will lead to regular low estrogen levels. This can in turn lead to bone loss. Hence it is vital that you consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that early treatment could indeed prevent bone damage.

There are several other health implications of early menopause. The most common of which is the increased risk of heart decease. This is a very serious issue which is why early menopause is usually never a good thing. Studies have shown that women who have early menopause could have up to a 40% higher chance of heart failure in comparison to those women who do not undergo early menopause. This is an extremely high difference and should not be taken lightly. You also have an increased risk when it comes to deceases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. However the most feared of these is cancer. After early menopause it is more than likely that you are susceptible and les resistant to the occurrence of cancer. Hence it is vital that you are regularly visiting your doctor if you happen to undergo early menopause.

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