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Family Members Going Through Menopause

Family Members Going Through Menopause

Menopause and panic attack go hand in hand when a woman approaches the end of her menstrual life. Mood, panic, and other emotional characteristics are all indications of menopause in a woman. Menopause is only one among many stages women go through in their lives. In most women, menopause begins to set in at around 40 years. It also depends on whether they got their periods early or late in their teens.

When menstruation stops and a woman cease ovulating, menopause period sets in. This stage comes with mixed feeling as in; it marks an end to years of discomfort associated with monthly periods. Issues to do with cramps, erratic moods and emotions often put a woman at loggerheads with family members and everyone around her. So, as menopause sets it, some things have to change and because women do not know what to expect; panic creeps in slowly. Other members of the family may not know how to handle or relate to the woman when such a time comes.


Fatigue arising from psychological causes would largely depend on the individual woman, her lifestyle, and her family background. For the most part, women are caught unaware and because of hormonal changes, tempers begin to flare up. She begins to experience irregular periods, lack of sex drive, heavy bleeding and vaginal dryness. She can also experience serious mental health problems coupled with severe headaches, weakness, and lack of sleep. All these would manifest in the woman at a time when she is at the peak of her professional career when she is required to work long hours. If she is a housewife thing would not be any easier. She would be having children entering their adolescent age, providing for their education and other challenges in daily life.


There are certain symptoms that are attributed to menopause in women. Night sweats and hot flashes are some of them while changes in body temperatures including breathing disorders all combined bring about fatigue and tiredness. Irregular heartbeats occur during this period which leads to poor blood circulation in the body, hence low energy levels. Some women tend to withdraw from social life activities due to memory loss. At post menopause stage, many women also tend to gain a lot of weight thereby ushering in a lot of fat in the abdomen area. The woman’s body adjusts at this stage in a way that allows it to cope with numerous changes within it. Adrenal glands, for instance, help to regulate energy levels, anxiety, heartbeats, and other functionalities in order to help the body in overcoming stress.


Other symptoms associated with menopause may seem peculiar, for instance, change in the woman’s body odor, thinning of hair and urinary incontinence among others may look surprising to other family members. The good news is that most of these occurrences like fatigue and stress fade away soon thereafter.

Learning to Cope

A woman should adopt simple lifestyle during menopause and avoid luxurious escapades such as smoking, alcohol, nicotine and caffeine. If a woman cannot do without such leisure, then she should just try to moderate the amount she takes. Regular snacks in between meals can help to boost energy levels. Avoiding three meals a day routine would be a good idea. Plenty of water intakes including healthy liquids and diet are recommended.

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