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Erectile Dysfunction Pumps: Do They Work?

Erectile Dysfunction Pumps: Do They Work?

Although there have been a lot of hype about the effectiveness of erectile dysfunction devices, there is yet a lot to be learnt about the devices in question. Other than causing a lot of discomforts coupled with side effects; many reviews claim that these devices don’t really help in improving sexual performance. It may be true that the devices can assist men with erectile problems to achieve it further to stimulating orgasm but it does not help to fulfill sexual satisfaction as it were naturally.

Why it happens

In most cases, erectile troubles revolve around a combination of blood flow and nerve functions. Insufficient production of nitric oxide from the nerves that help dilate blood vessels may be the major cause. If it fails to function, then blood will not be able flood the chambers inside the penis in order to effect an erection. Erectile problems can also emanate from arterial walls that fail to relax enough to facilitate free blood flow to the penis.

How Does It Work

An erectile dysfunction pump comprises a cylindrical tube that’s made of acrylic material. The cylinder is attached to the tip of the penis. At the other end of the cylinder a constriction band is placed on it. The cylinder works in conjunction with the pump to create a vacuum. This causes the penis to stiffen while the constriction ring serves to maintain the erection.


  • Hold the pump in your hand and pump it manually if it doesn’t operate on batteries. Perform this function after placing it over the penis.
  • Squeeze the air out of the cylinder so as to create a vacuum inside it. The vacuum so created draws blood from your body into the penis thereby causing it to become erect.
  • Once it is erect, apply appropriate lubricants so that it becomes easier to slide the constriction band down to the lower side of the penis.
  • Release the vacuum and let go off the pump.In order to maintain an erection, the dysfunction pump should remain in place during which time the man can participate in sexual intercourse. It is safe to leave the dysfunction pump in place for half an hour to allow for reasonable intercourse to take place.

Who Should Use It

Patients with erectile dysfunctions may use the device. If you have had surgery for colon cancer or are suffering from diabetes, all these can lead to insufficient blood flow into the penile blood chambers. Men with psychological problems such as depression or anxiety can use the dysfunction pump safely. Patients suffering from bleeding disorders or significant congenital problems should desist from using this device.

Persons who opt to utilize erectile dysfunctionpump in order to resolve the aforementioned symptoms begin to realize the benefits of this gadget. Although it does not offer long-term effect on the size of the penis, this treatment option works without medications and involve non-invasive procedures. Clamping of the penis ought not to exceed 30 minutes otherwise, it may cause blisters, temporary impotence or bruises.

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