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Does Smoking Make you Age?

Does Smoking Make you Age?

Smokers basically inhale the smoke of a substance or most commonly tobacco, which gets assimilated in the blood vessels. There are several evident signs which start appearing due to smoking. Smoking is a habit which starts with a puff during the teens. Which eventually builds up from once a day to a pack thereafter. The playful puff once has now become a lifeline, without which an individual does not get a kick. This so called kick is actually throwing life out of you.

Effects on External Self

First sign would be the skin tone, which starts fading gradually, the smokers generally appear pale when compared to a non-smoker. Their texture would have uneven coloring. Another most early sign is wrinkles and sagging skin. The reason for this is the loss of collagen and rigidity in the skin. In fact, passive smoking over long time causes the regenerative capability of skin to rupture.

Resultant Skin Effects

The resultant effect of these are other parts of the body like arms and breasts start dropping. Another easy detection is the vertical lines forming on and around the lips. There are other darker blotches which appear on the face and hands, giving clear signs that smoking makes you grow old very quickly.

External Organ Stimulus

Now from facial contour, we should move to other parts like teeth and gums. There is permanent dental damage, bad breath, gum diseases and high chances of tooth loss for puffers. The fingers holding the butt of cigarettes actually would be gifted with ugly nails and deformed skin. There is also very high chance of hair loss among men due to this nicotine roll. Recent researches have associated cataracts with tobacco, where any form of it can cause serious vision problems.

Various Skin Diseases Attack

Getting back to skin again as that determines primarily how you look. Other damages done by smoking are Psoriasis which causes scaly marks and patches on elbows, feet, hands and back. The patch may be of different colors ranging from white, red or silver. Lastly the ugliest addition to your face due to incessant puffing is crow’s feet like wrinkles near the eye.

Effects on Internal Organs

Monitoring the internal system we will observe that the bones becomes brittle and weak. The smokers suffer from heart disease and erectile dysfunction. The physical activity is greatly affected due to shortness of breath, poor blood circulation and very high heart rate. The carrying capacity of a healthy baby also reduces drastically resulting in reproductive problems. The females due to this habit may face an early menopause too.

Life threatening & Aging

Life-threatening effect of nicotine is oral cancer, lung cancer, and heart attacks. Hence smoking not only adds issues to skin, physical well-being but also corrodes a person from inside with diseases. Which in turn, results in aging process to accelerate as you start encountering issues much earlier in life than a normal healthy person who never smokes.

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