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Can Testosterone Therapy Help Erectile Dysfunction

Can Testosterone Therapy Help Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone has many different functions in the body, but one of its most important involves developing male sexual characteristics as well as sexual function. Aside from this, it also has a role in bone growth, red blood cells, and muscle bulk. Although there certainly is evidence that testosterone therapy can help erectile dysfunction, there is also some degree of uncertainty surrounding this form of treatment. For one thing, it does not work for everyone. Still, it does have benefits and some men have certainly seen improvement. When a man's body does not make enough testosterone it may sometimes be the cause of erectile dysfunction, but this is relatively rare. When this is the case, however, then testosterone therapy could ease the problem.

Before Viagra was being used to treat erectile dysfunction testosterone therapy was the main option. Although testosterone is necessary for libido and an erection, it isn't exactly a universal cure for erectile dysfunction either. There are a number of men with ED who have just the right levels of testosterone. In this case, testosterone therapy probably isn't the solution and most doctors wouldn't think of prescribing testosterone. Other symptoms should also be present like fatigue and a decreased libido before most doctors will suggest testosterone therapy.

Testosterone alone certainly does have the capacity of helping to improve erections, and does just that for many men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. Some doctors will choose the course of testosterone therapy before medications like Viagra. Still, some men do not find that testosterone therapy is enough, even if it does improve their performance and hike up their libido. Of course, in many ways testosterone therapy is more convenient than having to take a pill whenever the time arises—that is, if the testosterone therapy does an adequate job.

There are a lot of alternatives to testosterone which are often preferred, such as Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra. They are usually better liked because they are essentially more reliable and provide a more immediate response. On the other hand they don't work for around 30% of men, but this is also the case for testosterone therapy.

It could be possible to take testosterone therapy in addition to something like Viagra, but in one study that was conducted the results were the same for the men who were only taking the Viagra. Everything was the same in both groups of men, including libido and erections. If Viagra provides the desired effect there is really no need for testosterone therapy.

Erectile dysfunction could be a warning sign for a future heart attack as it is often the result of atherosclerosis. If this is considered and ruled out then it could be time to test for testosterone levels. If they are in fact low, testosterone therapy could help. Finally, if testosterone therapy doesn't reap the wanted results, then an ED drug like Viagra could still be used. ED is a fairly common problem and therefor there are a lot of possible treatment opportunities available. If one thing does not work, something else just might.

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