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Are Tums Bad for Dogs


Are Tums Bad for Dogs

Your pet dogs often suffer from stomach upset and it is quite a natural phenomenon. To give them relief, often you might have given your canine friends the antacid called ‘Tums’. So are tums good for your pets? Let us find out here.

It has been found out that the tums generally work for animals and they are not typically dangerous for dogs. Several veterinarians have confirmed that antacids do give relief to animals from stomach pain or other kinds of gastrointestinal problems. Some owners prefer to give tums as calcium supplements to their pets.

Dogs have very good digestive systems and their stomach problems normally get resolved themselves within short periods of time. Tums are human-formulated; so while they are not toxic for the dogs they are also not recommended by the vets in the long run. Instead, try using all-natural products like Pet Relief which has been getting rave reviews from the owners. In the long run, canine probiotics are best for your best buddy.

If your dog is suffering from a chronic stomach problem, then it is best to take the professional diagnosis of the vets.

Although antacids seem to work effectively for dogs, but home remedies are always better as they are natural and chemical free. Pumpkin puree is a very good option for alleviating stomach pains as well as bowel issues. Pumpkin is very good for health and it will not constipate your pet like tums can with too much consumption. Another alternative can be fasting your dog and then gradually introducing light foods such as boiled rice and chicken.

Also, a timely routine for feeding your pet should always be maintained. When meals are given at proper time intervals, then digestive juices start flowing, helping the dog to break down the food efficiently. Observing a healthy lifestyle for your canine will go a long way in preventing the occurrence of any gastrointestinal problems.

Many of the owners use tums for their pets to increase their daily intake of calcium. However, this requirement can be fulfilled by good quality dog foods. If you are looking for long-term effects, then let me tell you, these antacids are not at all a good option. Besides, too much of calcium is not good and can lead to various health problems, including those related to the pancreas. In case, you want to include calcium supplements in the diet of your canine friend, it is always better to consult the vet.

To conclude, tums are not really harmful to your dog when given in proper doses. But using this product (basically calcium carbonate and sugar) on a regular basis is not mandatory. Self-medicating your beloved is not at all recommended. Neither should you cover up the problem of regular stomach aches under the garb of such antacids. This would prevent the proper diagnosis of any serious problem, in case it exists. One should always remain cautious about the health of your pet. The digestive problems of a dog can be cured completely if diagnosed on time. So rather than covering up the symptoms with tums, consult the veterinarian for the best results.

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