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Wrinkle Prevention


As we get older, many aspects of our bodies grow weaker or less attractive, and needless to say, we usually don’t like it. For that reason we try to hold back the effects of age any way we can, especially wrinkles. Men and women alike hate wrinkles, so we all try to prevent them with varying degrees of success. Most attempts at wrinkle prevention don’t work to the level we would like, mostly because we don’t actually take the most effective steps. We’re not saying creams and whatnot don’t help at all, but preventing wrinkles in the first place is the best way to deal with them, and that can be done naturally.

First off it is important to understand that wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, and they can never be prevented entirely. You can only reduce their severity over time.

Part of doing that is avoiding things that are harmful for your long-term health, especially smoking. Needless to say nothing good is being absorbed by your body when you smoke, and aside from all of the other serious health issues it creates, it will also make you wrinkle earlier and more severely than normal.

On the flipside, you need to consume the good stuff just as you avoid the bad. This includes water, because staying hydrated helps you maintain more moisturized skin. Beyond that, water helps cleanse toxins from the body, many of which can contribute to more wrinkles over time. Along that same line, consumption of antioxidants helps accomplish the same thing. Aside from being great for your physical health they too help you detoxify your body, making them an important part of a diet for anyone looking to avoid premature or severe wrinkles.

This next tip will probably strike many individuals as unusual, but a good way to prevent wrinkles is actually eating a lot of saturated fats. Believe it or not this is not a guarantee that you will suddenly gain twenty pounds. Saturated fat actually increases the elasticity of your skin and increases its resistance to sun damage. Such saturated fats included grass-fed butter, avocados, and coconut oil.

We’ve already established at this point that toxins play a big role in severe wrinkling, but nothing is worse than applying those toxins directly to your face. If you are going to use sunscreen on your face, you should make doubly sure that it does not include toxins. Sunscreens with natural ingredients are available, and a far better choice.

Finally, and most obvious of all: get lots of sleep. Sleep is the body’s way of recovering from the day and conducting important physiological maintenance. A solid eight hours is conducive to almost every factor of your physical health, and that definitely includes wrinkles. Imagine your body as an engine. When it wears down, you would much rather have eight hours of maintenance than four, because eight hours will solve more problems, just as it does with your body and those wrinkles you want to prevent.

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