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Will Childhood Scars Fade?

Will Childhood Scars Fade?

Childhood scars have the tendency of fading over time, some scars may even disappear completely_ at least physical eyes will not be able to distinguish it from the normal skin but it all depends on the type, size of the scars and most especially, the location of the scars will affect how the scars will look over time.

One of the facts about aging process is that our skin change as will age. The way your skin look and react in your childhood will change when you reach your adult stage of life and also when you become a senior citizen. Age plays a prominent role in the development and healing of scars, as well as the healing process of skin related injuries.

The truth is, some childhood scars may fade, while some will not; some scars will shrink and reduce in size, while some will expand over time. Kids have a keen ability to recover from many different things including cuts and other wounds. They have strong and vigorous healing process from any physical wound or trauma. As a result, their healing is a bit different from that of adults; their scars tend to develop more thickly and the pink pigmentation formation on the scars stays longer that of adults.

Kids have a high natural production of collagen which helps in the production of new skin cells on the scars and keeps the scar tissue from becoming dry or harden. The constant and high collagen production improves the scar look and color which make it fade with age.

The scar location

Another factor that may determine how childhood scar look over time is the location of the scars. As kids’ bodies are constantly growing, the scars on some area of their body may reduce in size over time which some others may elongate such as scars on the face.

The size of the scars

Yes, some scars may shrink with time, but bigger scars may still be noticeable even in the adult age. It the scar is a big one, there are thing that can be down to improve the look and healing of the scar, such as

Scar message: this is done to prevent the scar tissue from settling and getting hard, applying pressure on the scar and massaging it will break up the scar tissue and improve the appearance. The scar needs to fully mature before scar massaging can be applied, it is recommended to start massaging the scars after a year.

Silicone Creams: Another thing that can improve the scar look and help it fade over time is using silicon creams to keep the scar hydrated and soothe.

It is important to keep the scar from direct sunlight. The Sun UV light tend to discolor scar surface when been exposed to it. During healing, the scar tissue is still delicate and can get sunburn easily_ preventing the scar from direct sunlight will help the appearance.


Over the year, childhood scar will continue to remodel itself, but if the scar grow to look horrible as it matures or the child is emotionally bothered by the scars, you may want to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for better scar treatment. Treatment may involve surgically operating the scar, laser scar treatment or intralesional steroid injections, depending on the child age.

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