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Why do scars itch while they are healing?

Why do scars itch while they are healing

Your healing scars might be itchy sometimes and it can result in temptation to scratch and hurt and slow down the process of recovery. Sometimes itching can be annoying too. Itching may cause while your scars are healing as a result of the signals being sent to the spinal code that is also an automatic bodily action. The skin is composed of specialized nerve fibers and they are able to detect when the dermis is being irritated. Thus they send signals to the spinal code communicating the fact that the dermis has been irritated making you feel that there is an itch. These nerves are very active and sensitive. They are able to focus your attention on the area of the wound or the scar about a potential danger so that you can take precautionary measures.

Doctor’s recommendation and the myth is that to leave the wounds along during the process of healing. Itching can make things even worse. Itching can further irritate the sensitive skin and damage of remove the growing tissue that will also slow the healing and recovery process. On the other hand extensive scratching can cause wound infections too. Therefore it is your duty as parents to educate your child on this matter. Cover the wound with clean cotton so that the temptation for scratching is taken away. However at times wounds can become very itchy and annoying tempting the patient to scratch the area so hardly. There are many creams available out in the market to reduce the intensity of itching and better try these out if you are tempted to scratch the wound which will also slow down the healing process.

The cells around the wound are proliferated as it heals and the margins or the skin around the wound grow slowly to cover up the open area towards the base. This cell and skin development process created mechanical stress that activates and trigger the itch nerves and pass on messages to the spinal code to scratch. As mentioned above this can damage or restrict the recovery process and scratching should be avoided as much as possible.

On the other hand during the wound recovery process the scar tissues begins to develop that can also trigger itching. Therefore these conditions and phenomenon that are happening inside your amazing body should be kept in mind and you should also help the recovery process in a way by not disturbing it by scratching. You can gently wash the area with soap and clean water so that the dead cells are removed and will make you comfortable in a way. On the other hand as mentioned earlier you can have a clean wound dressing with cotton. It will also keep germs and bacteria away from your wound and will accelerate the healing or the recovery process. Anti-itch creams can also be used under the prescriptions and guidance of the doctors to avoid and reduce the temptation for itching.

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