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What are White Stretch Marks


Stretch marks come in a variety of colors, from red, white, purple, and silver. The most common stretch marks are purple/red, they are fresh and have only just appeared within the last 6 months. Reducing their look is fairly easy, but other types, such as the white or silver stretch marks, are what need to the attention.

What Are They?

White stretch marks have been around for a while- it takes anywhere from six months to a few years for stretch marks to take on the white or silver appearance. These stand out but much less than red ones, but are still noticeable. In the healing process the first layer is repairing and being replaced with new cells. Healing produces collagen, which sees that area tighten back up.

Stretch marks don’t heal naturally unless you are incredibly young. It can be difficult to rid yourself of them, because the white stretch marks have aged, cementing them in place. While red ones are new and easier to remove when caught early, it is unfair to say that white stretch mark removal is impossible.

In our youth, we frequently see stretch marks appear after growth spurts- and in the majority of cases our skin heals these on its own before they ever have a chance to become white and permanent. These tend to be on our legs and back areas, and frequently our upper arm area. This tends to be a frequently spot for them to appear as we age as well. Gaining weight stretches the skin, resulting in red stretch marks across our body, particularly the stomach area.

Is It Too Late?

You don’t need to deal with laser surgery or getting cut open to rid yourself of white stretch marks. It might take longer than getting rid of fresh red stretch marks, but creams and a healthy lifestyle can still do the business.

White stretch marks mean you gave your skin plenty of time to do the job on its own, and unfortunately your skin didn’t do the job you wanted it to if you’re still looking at white stretch marks. Don’t feel bad about it, because you can do something about it.


It’s a great place to start- eat a healthy, nutritious diet and get regular exercise to keep your weight in check. All of these elements make a huge impact on your skin, it is the foundation of everything. Your skin is strong, and it will work even better with the right nutrients. You can get those nutrients in healthy foods, but you can also find them in cream form.


Applying a nutrient cream directly to your skin allows the skin to absorb the full nutrient load. Finding a good cream is the difficult part- many creams will only lead to frustration, having no effect on white stretch marks.When choosing, your cream ensure that you choose one that specifically states they work on white, silver, or old stretch marks. It’s a good idea to read as many reviews as possible to ensure you are investing in a product that has worked for others with the same issue.

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