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Treating Stretch Marks

Treating Stretch Marks

The occurrence of stretch marks both in men and women can be attributed to a number of reasons; one of which is pregnancy. Loss of weight or the contrast may also account for stretch marks in humans. It is not easy to reinstate a stretched skin to its original status once it is stretched. However, despite technological advancement in the medical field, nature still offers the best ingredients needed to clear stretch marks and other conditions safely and effectively.

Although stretch marks are mostly seen in women, men are not spared either. These marks are mostly visible around the hips, lower back, breasts, upper arms, lower abdomen, and breasts. Luckily, there are quite a number of natural cures for stretch mark problems today.

Identifying Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are quite noticeable. While some appear somewhat purplish, or reddish depending on the tone of your skin, they tend to fade out with time and turn into glossy white. Formations of these stretch marks originate from the middle layer or dermis of your skin. Due to the elasticity of the dermis, the skin is able to adjust or stretch out. However, if the said layer is persistently stretched up to its elasticity limit, then you begin to see a manifestation of stretch marks. Various factors such as lifestyle, pregnancy, heredity and gaining weight fast contribute significantly to the formation of stretch marks.


Now that you know what stretch marks are, let’s look at the various remedies available to you.

  • Natural ointments and creams: It is relieving to know that stretch marks disappear with time. Stubborn ones can be treated by applying mainly topical ointments or creams. Hydroxyl synthetic cream is one such product that has been used successfully to solve stretch marks before. Such creams permeate right into the dermis and help tighten the skin firmly while moisturizing it at the same time. Suffice to note that natural formulas help to enhance the production of elastin as well as that of skin-strengthening collagen. It also preserves the skin from breaking thereafter.
  • Removal by Laser techniques: Stretch marks can be removed using minimally invasive means such as using laser techniques. The process does not involve any incision or scarring but it works by directing a focused, controlled laser beam onto the area that is affected.The role of the laser beam is to break down the scars or marks on the affected tissues thereby dissolving it. Once dissolved, fresh collagen plus skin cells begin to regenerate in the area once occupied by the damaged tissues. Unlike surgical process, this type of treatment will heal fairly quickly while it is less costly.
  • Inter-dependent healing: Natural extracts like those which can be obtained from Grapefruits and Aloe Vera allows the skin to heal itself naturally. The ingredients contained therein help to rejuvenate the production of elastin as well as collagen. These substances occur naturally and they perform excellently when it comes to flexing the skin.Things which can inhibit the production of collagen and elastin include lack of amble sleep, poor nutrition, stress and lack of exercises among other factors. Having sufficient collagen and elastin in your body helps the skin to repair stretch marks and regenerate itself pretty fast.

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