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Top Vitamins for Radiant Skin

Top Vitamins for Radiant Skin

There are a vast number of creams on the market which promise glowing, radiant skin. While many of the creams don't work on all skin types, even if they say they do, they are also generally packed with chemicals. Vitamins are generally the better choice and have a reputation for providing results regardless of skin type. Vitamins do a world of wonders for the body, improving the health and vitality on the inside and beautifying the outward appearance. They can be used for a range of different purposes, but for more aesthetic goals vitamins may be used to improve the youthfulness and health of the skin and hair. Few other things portray age quite like the skin can, but radiant healthier skin not only conceals the signs of aging it can also reduce other imperfections which are not desirable.

Vitamin A is one of the top vitamins for those who are looking to combat wrinkles. This great vitamin works by strengthening the skin's repair processes, thereby keeping it from becoming dry while also firm. It isn't surprising that it can be found in many night creams and OTC lotions. It smooths roughness, fades brown spots, and also reduces wrinkles. The vitamin can be consumed through diet or supplement or applied to the skin. Vitamin A is fat soluble, so it is suggested to take it in small doses. Too much vitamin A can actually end up hurting the liver, but a healthy amount can prove to be very beneficial to the skin. 700 mcg is the suggested amount, and no more than 3000 mcg.

Although when you think of sunlight you probably think more of damaged skin, Vitamin D is incredibly beneficial to the body and skin. This is because the vitamin is used to make healthy cells throughout the body, which also includes the skin. Some even believe that Vitamin D can be used to treat psoriasis. Calcitriol can be used as a topical cream to help skin conditions like psoriasis; it is man-made but works like vitamin D. Some limited sun exposure, such as 10 minutes a day, is another way to get Vitamin D. You can also eat foods containing the vitamin.

Vitamin C is an important vitamin for healthy skin, in fact many skin creams contain Vitamin C. It is very beneficial for a variety of age-triggered skin problems, like sagging and wrinkling. It can even help with discoloration. Vitamin C works by assisting in skin collagen production which is an important factor in a healthy, youthful appearance. You can eat Vitamin C in many foods or you can apply it topically to the skin.

There are other vitamins which may help the skin as well, including Vitamin E which can defend against skin damage caused by the sun as well as dryness. Vitamin K may have a range of skin benefits, including helping with dark spots, stretch marks, scars, under-eye circles, and even spider veins. It is recommended to use multiple vitamins to enhance the skin's appearance, rather than just one, for the best and most effective results.

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