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Top causes of balding in men

Top causes of balding in men

The first signs of balding can be scary to say the least. It conjures of feelings of denial, insecurity and apprehension all in one. Initially you start to question whether it may be a sign of bad health. You start to wonder if it will get worse, what people will think. Balding, especially at a young age can be extremely disheartening; however before you distress, take a minute to consider what might be the cause of your balding.

  • Stress – This should come as no surprise that stress has been shown to cause hair loss in men. Often times we underestimate the impact that stress has on the body. Physical and psychological stress can change the way the stress mediators (or hormones) respond which can lead to shedding of the hair. Although the link between stress and hair loss has not yet fully been understood, it is clear that stress can have long term effects that can result in hair loss.
  • Family history – By and large one of the major cause of hair loss in men is genes. Most males have a condition known as male pattern baldness that has been passed down from their family. Your family history can also play a role in determining the severity of the hair loss, the pattern of hair loss and also the rate at which your experience hair loss. The truth of the matter is that if baldness has affected other persons in your family, chances are it will affect you.
  • Medical Condition or treatment – persons who suffer from certain medical conditions have been shown to suffer from hair loss. If you suffer from an auto immune disease like diabetes or arthritis this can cause hair loss. Persons who suffer from hair pulling disorder are unable to resist pulling the hair which can lead to hair loss. Treatments for some illness such as chemotherapy have been shown to cause mild to severe cases of hair loss as well.
  • Medicine– If persons are on treatments for certain illnesses it is possible that the side effects of the drug may result in hair loss. For example drugs prescribed from arthritis, cancer depressions, heart problems or blood pressure can cause men to experiences baldness. There are addition medicines like anti thyroid treatments, anti-coagulants, beta blockers or anti convulsants that can cause the hair to shed. If you are currently taking medication it may be worth asking your doctor to see if this may be the reason for your hair loss.
  • Nutrient Deficient – although less common, not having a well-balanced, nutritious diet can cause hair loss. If your bod does not have the proper nutrients mainly iron, Vitamin b12 or protein you may suffer from hair loss. Most notably being low in iron causes hair loss as it reduces the amount of red blood cells in the body, which are crucial in providing oxygen to different parts of the body. Therefore deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can results in hair loss over time.

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing baldness. In some cases it can be due to a physiological or mental problem. The first step to understanding what may be causing baldness is to take a look at your life and make note of any unusual or out of the ordinary changes that may have occurred. Consider whether there have been any severe changes in health or mental state that may have triggered the onset of baldness. It is important to take a minute to consult with your general care practitioner to learn more about the options available to you.

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