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Thongs Improve cellulite

Thongs Improve cellulite

Cellulite is one of the most challenging problems women face in today’s society due to the shame and guilt associated with cellulite on the skin. Over the years a lot of women have been on the quest to find a simple solution to get rid of cellulite and regain their confidence. This becomes a bigger problem during summer season when you want to go to the beach with your family and friends looking good and confident in your bikinis. The presence of cellulite deprives you of this privilege making you less comfortable wearing bikini at the beach. Cellulite has been found in women mostly than men. Research shows that over 80% of women live with some amount of cellulite which as bring about lack of confidence and even low self-esteem and intimacy issues.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the fat stored in the cell embedded underneath the skin, they somehow find a way up against the connective tissues and the skin wall and then producing a lumpy appearance. It is usually found on the part of the body like stomach, buttocks, knees and thighs.

Causes of cellulite

Many factors have been attributed as the likely causes of cellulite, as scientist have not find the major cause of cellulite in the first place. Among these likely causes includes genetics, hormonal change, smoking, lack of exercise and more.

It is no longer news that women are more prone to have cellulite more than men, this begs the question why?

  • Women have vertical collective tissues making the fat to be hold in place.
  • Women hips and thighs store more fat than is found in men.
  • Women go through more hormonal changes than men.
  • Women wear more restricted clothing that affects blood flow.

How panties may increase your rate of developing cellulite

Among some of the causes of cellulite, the one that come as a shock to most women is wearing of panties. Yes, panties. Apparently, wearing restrictive clothing reduced circulation of blood in that particular of that part of the body which in turn aggravates the spread of cellulite. Women panties fall into this category especially those ones with elastic around the opening that form the panty lines. The elastic part obstructs free blood circulation to the buttocks and increase rate of cellulite development. Thongs have received recognition as an alternative to use in to prevent spread of cellulite. Not to be confused, thongs are not to correct or cure cellulite but to prevent cellulite from forming along those panty lines.

So if you are a young girl of probably less than 25 year and having a cellulite free body, you might want to consider throwing in some thongs into your drawers to prevent cellulite. Other prevention includes: avoid wearing underwear often to bed, sleeping nude or wearing loose pajamas to bed is not such a bad idea. Giving your skin a degree of freedom is simple you may want to try by wearing loose cloth to bed. The next time you consider trying to get rid of cellulite, keep in mind that wearing a thong may help.

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