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Things You Should Avoid if You Are a Man Going Bald

Things You Should Avoid if You Are a Man Going Bald

There are a variety of reasons men start to go bald. Often times it is due to genetics, and baldness is hereditary. Other causes could be at play, too, such as nutritional disorders, fungal conditions, or other health issues. As men get older the chances of hair loss increase. There are many options for men who are balding, such as wigs, weaves, rogaine, and hair transplants. Aside from these possibilities there are also other things a man can avoid doing in order to prevent further baldness and protect the hair.

Most men do not need to wash their hair every day. Hair products like conditioner and shampoo can actually damage hair if used too frequently. You can still shower and even wet and soak the hair without actually washing it with any hair products. This should keep the hair healthier.

Avoid drying your hair roughly when you get out of the shower. Most men don't think about it much but serious damage can be caused to the hair from vigorous rubbing with a towel. Not only can it prevent new hair from sprouting up it can also break off hairs that are weak or fine. It is suggested to use a cloth that is very soft, and to gently pat the hair dry rather than rubbing it.

Don't over-brush or comb hair. Many people are perfectionists and like to ensure that every last hair is perfectly in place. It is suggested that you try to use a comb or brush that is gentle and doesn't put a lot of stress on the hair. What is even better is to use your hands in order to shape your hairstyle, if it is possible to do so. Rather than force your hair against its natural growth pattern, it is much better to groom and work with your hair the way it naturally grows. For some people this might even mean getting a different hairstyle or cut, but it will most likely be worth it, as it will be better for the hair and even likely improve the appearance.

If you are a man who is experiencing balding, then avoiding stress is another very important factor. Stress wreaks havoc on many functions of the body, and it can be very bad for the hair. Regardless, stress is never fun anyway. Try to find healthier, better ways to manage stress and it certainly won't hurt your hair.

Be wary about things which will naturally stress your hair, and possibly create more damage, such as ponytails, braids, bandannas, and even hats. It is tempting to wear a hat when you are going bald in order to cover up the appearance, but it isn't a good idea. Stress on the scalp and hair may lead to more hair loss, so it is best to avoid hats which directly contact the hair.

Your diet may also be contributing to hair loss, so avoid eating just anything and start putting some thought into the nutrients you are getting. Good, nutritious food, and a balanced diet can help to strengthen your hair. Vitamins and other dietary supplements may also prove to help you keep more of your hair and make it stronger and able to grow faster.

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