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Solutions for Dark Armpits


Solutions for Dark Armpits

It is common to experience dark underarms and many people deal with this issue. There are a few different potential reasons for dark underarms, but is is generally a consequences of the skin being exposed to certain substances. The dark areas may be the result of shaving, sweating, hair removing creams, dead skin cells, poor ventilation in the underarm area, and antiperspirants or deodorants that are alcohol-based. It is possible that your dark underarms could be a consequence of a type of medical condition called acanthosis nigricans. This condition is linked to other health problems, including obesity, cancer, some medications, insulin resistance, and hormonal disorders. If this is the cause of dark underarms it is best to see a doctor, but often times dark armpits are completely benign and no reason to be alarmed.

Lemon is one of the more popular choices for naturally removing dark underarms, as it has a bleaching effect. However, it should also be noted that it may cause a condition called phytophotodermatitis wherein fruit juices cause a painful burn on the skin. This is not something that many people deal with, however, and lemon is still a renowned solution for dark armpits. Lemon has natural cleaning properties and it can also function as an anti-septic and anti-bacterial. It can exfoliate dead skin cells and lighten the skin. You can rub a wedge of lemon unto your underarms and leave it there for a short time before rinsing off. A more gentle approach is to combine the lemon juice with honey, yogurt, or turmeric to make a paste. You can leave this paste on the skin for approximately 10 minutes then rinse with water.

Potatoes also have natural bleaching properties due to the mild acidic elements they contain, and the same can be said of cucumbers. You can use a slice of potato or cucumber and gently rub it under the arms. Another option is to grate the potato then let the juices dry on the armpits for about 15 minutes before rinsing them off. You can also use the juice from a cucumber and then make a mixture with lemon juice and turmeric powder. This may be left on the armpits for about half an hour before rinsing off.

Often dark armpits are the result of dead skin cells. Baking soda is a perfect agent to exfoliate and scrub the area to thoroughly clean underarms. In order to use baking soda simply apply a couple drops of water to two tablespoons in order to make a paste. Rub it into the armpits in circular motions and you will be able to rid the dead skin cells. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse. To exfoliate the skin you may also choose to use brown sugar with some water or crushed peanuts or walnuts with water. The procedure is still the same as with the baking soda.

Aside from the home remedies you may try, there are also a variety of store products you can buy which have bleaching or lightening elements designed specifically for the skin. Some of these products are even made just for the armpits, such as brightening antiperspirants and other alternatives.

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