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Saggy Neck Caused by Loose Tissue

Saggy neck caused by loose tissue

One of the most concerned parts of the body that people find annoying when it comes to the effect of aging is the neck. Like any other muscle in our body, our neck is supported by muscles as well. This tissues can get weaken with age and lose its elasticity of the early years. As we grow older the skin around the neck loses firmness and appears sagged, resulting in what is also referred to as turkey neck.

What causes neck tissues to loose?

Saggy neck skin occurs due to the breakdown of layers of muscles and connective tissue right underneath the neck skin. A particular layer called superficial fascia is the thin layer scaffolding that provides support for the skin. This layer is the binding structure that gives the skin its firmness. The cells within this fascia tissue are the one responsible for the production of collagen and elastin molecules that keep our skin supported and maintain its appearance. Problem occurs as we age, some of these cells die rapidly than the ones being produced. As the production of collagen becomes low, there will be less support for this part of the body and it results into sagging of the neck skin or turkey neck.

Another factor that greatly affects the breakdown of these collagen structures is our daily exposure to the sun. Apparently, the UV radiation from sun aggravates the aging process and causes the skin to sag.

How to prevent saggy neck

  • Apply moisturizer: Though aging is inevitable, but regular use of good moisturizer is one way to maintain skin and prevent early aging of the neck skin. Moisturizer helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin tissues needed for the skin to stay firm. There are products rich in silicone that can not only boost collagen production but also improve the neck skin appearance by firming it up. Seek the help of dermatologist to know the type of product best fit for your skin. There are moisturizers with a built in sunscreen that will provide a better result. Apply this moisturizer at the neck area regularly for effective result.
  • Drink water regularly: It is important to keep the skin hydrated and nourished to prevent sagging neck. Drinking just about enough water regularly will get you there. Taking water regularly is one of the natural ways to reduce the risk of saggy neck. It helps maintain elastin tissues and firm up the neck skin.
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun: It Is no longer news the damaging effect of ultraviolet radiation on our body as it increases the process at which our skin age. It breaks down collagen and elastin tissues that help keep the skin firm. It is advisable to avoid or limit exposure to the sun as much as possible. Consider the use of sun protective wears such as a hat with wide brim, sunscreen, and umbrella when you are going out during the day.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking also contributes to the rapid aging of the skin by changing the blood flowing to your skin. Quitting or reducing the amount of stick you smoke might just be the help you needed to maintain or prevent your neck skin from sagging. Get appropriate help if you have difficulties quitting the smoking habit.
  • Take up a healthy diet: Eating healthily can contribute a lot to the maintenance of your skin. A balanced diet gives the skin enough nutrients that help to nourish our body and provide the firmness needed by the skin. Avoid taking much of junk foods and eat more of food rich in vitamin A such as fruits and vegetable. Meet your doctor to help you set-up a good diet plan that will help maintain your neck skin.

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