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Natural Moisturizers

Natural Moisturizers

There are so many different moisturizers out there it’s understandable that most people get confused looking for the right one. Out of all the moisturisers available the best advice is to go for a natural moisturizer as it will work in harmony with your skin. The first benefit is that it is friendly to the environment over those that contain chemicals. The chemicals that are used to create the moisturisers can end up both the air and water which can cause ill effects later down the line. Because they get into the environment they can affect not only us but animals (including livestock) too.

Many chemicals, fillers and artificial colours can seem appealing at a glance, however they can be extremely damaging to the skin especially if you are already sensitive to certain products. Lots of people are allergic to products in their usual moisturisers but don’t realise it and think that by using more the problem will subside. Natural moisturiser won’t irritate pre-existing skin problems or cause new ones to appear thanks to being able to work in harmony with the skin. Next time you see a moisturiser fragranced with your favourite perfume steer clear as this could be what is drying it out.

The artificial fragrances used in many moisturisers are there to mask the smell of the chemicals used to create them. This is essentially a way of using one chemical (perfume) to cover up another chemical giving you a higher chance of reacting to it badly. The perfumes and other nasties used in non-natural moisturiser not only dry out your skin they can also cause headaches. When you use natural moisturizers you can benefit from natural scents created with essential oils which can double up as aromatherapy.

Many of the moisturisers bought that are not made with natural ingredients have parabens which are used to ensure a long shelf life. The problem with this type of preservative is that it is synthetic and can actually mimic the way your own hormones are produced. This could affect the way your endocrine system works. This means that although your moisturiser may last longer in your cupboard it’s unlikely to be doing your skin any good. The full extent of the effects of parabens is still being researched. In natural moisturizers the preservatives are natural therefore will not affect your body in any way. Even with natural moisturizers you should still check the ingredients if you have allergies as some people do have allergies to natural products instead and look for a moisturiser that won’t affect you.

Because of the way natural moisturisers work with your body it can take time to see the effects, however this is better because they help your skin to produce the affects you want naturally. This is all without fillers and chemicals that may seem to work at first but lose their effect over time and great for people that find they are having to change their brand every few weeks when the chemicals stop working.

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