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Lightening Dark Patches Of Skin


Lightening Dark Patches Of Skin

Dark patches on your skin, also called hyperpigmentation, can affect your self-confidence and have you reaching for expensive creams and bleaches designed for lightening dark patches on your skin and promising to alleviate this problem. Women with all skin tones can experience hyperpigmentation. The reasons for these dark spots vary widely, but there is hope for those who suffer from this problem. Besides many natural remedies that may or may not work, there are also things that your dermatologist or cosmetic doctor can do to help you regain your smooth, even complexion once more.

What Causes Dark Patches on Your Skin?

Hyperpigmentation occurs when a higher concentration of melanin appears in one part of your skin than another. Melanin is the normal pigment that creates the whole range of skin colors that the human race enjoys. Most of the time it spreads out evenly over your face and body, but it occasionally creates uneven blotches or spots that many people do not like.

Besides age or liver spots, which usually show up on the hands and face of elderly people, and dark patches left behind by facial wounds or acne scarring, there are also conditions like melasma, which frequently shows up during pregnancy.

Ways For Lightning Dark Patches on Your Skin

One of the best ways to deal with dark patches on your skin is to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. Proper skin care and always wearing sunblock with a high enough SPF factor can help minimize the look of hyperpigmentation. However, these simple tips will not solve the problem if you already have blotches or spots.

Fortunately, there are at-home, over-the-counter, and prescription solutions for dark patches on your skin. All of these function in similar ways. They either bleach the spots or use exfoliation and dermabrasion to remove the discolored skin and hope that new skin will not also be affected by the excess melanin.

At-Home Remedies

You can try lightening the dark patches on your skin with lemon juice or other citrus juices. These have not only bleaching effects but also vitamin C for healthier skin, and a high concentration of the acid, which can speed the exfoliation process. Afterward, proper moisturizing with an over-the-counter cream, honey, or coconut oil is ideal.

Over-the-counter Options

It is possible to find skin lightening creams and bleaches in your pharmacy or drugstore. Make sure you follow all manufacturer's recommendations and research possible side effects or dangers before using them. Always spot test a bit of your skin to check for an allergic reaction before using it all over.

Prescriptions and In-office Procedures

Professional dermatologists can prescribe bleaching creams with retinoid in them. These have been shown to be effective for lightening dark patches of skin although they do increase sensitivity to sunlight. Make sure you wear sunblock. Certain procedures like microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and Chemical-based skin peels are also used for hyperpigmentation. These are more intense and are most often used for rather serious cases instead of simply a few darker spots.

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