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Iron Deficiency and your Hair

Iron Deficiency and your Hair

Keeping our hair health has always been the priority, while hair fall is a natural process but losing too much of it will definitely keep us up at night. Care need to be taken if you are losing too much hair than the usual can because this can be as result of a serious disease.

Reasons of Hair loss

To tackle the issue of abnormal hair loss, you need to understand what might be causing it. There can be plenty of reasons that might the losing of your hair; some of it might be what you did to it, like over styling, particular hairstyles or the heat treatment you did_ while some might be due to a medical condition that is causing Iron deficiency in your body.

Iron Deficiency is a type of blood condition that is caused by low level of iron in the blood. Iron is one of the most important parts of red blood cell, it is critical for producing oxy- hemoglobin in the blood.

Iron is the most important minerals for hair and deficiency of this iron may not only cause hair loss but can also lead to anemia.

Causes of Iron Deficiency

There are several different factors that may cause shortage of iron in the blood. Some of the most common cause includes:

  • Poor diet: this is the most common cause of iron deficiency in the blood, eating diets that are low in iron or vitamin C_ which aid the absorption of iron in the body, can lead to iron deficiency in the blood.
  • Heavy menstrual periods: this is one of the most common causes of iron deficiency in women, women that always experience heavy periods loses too much blood than they can easily recover and this increase their chance of becoming iron deficient. It is recommended to see your gynecologist if you notice your period flows more than usual.
  • Excessive bleeding or Blood donation: one general cause of Iron deficiency is the loss of blood, this can come from blood donation or bleeding. Iron deficiency can occur when you lose too much blood than your body can easily handle.

Medical conditions or diseases can also cause Iron deficiency in the blood; some of these conditions can affect your body’s ability to absorb iron properly.

Iron Deficiency Hair Loss Solutions

If the reason for your Hair loss is been diagnosed to be caused by Iron Deficiency, there are ways you can boost your blood iron and nourish your hair back to health. Some includes:

Eat diets that are rich in iron

Eat diets that are rich in iron. You have a lot of options here and you can select according to your taste and lifestyle. Red meat is one of the most iron-rich foods; try to eat more of meats like, Kidneys, Liver. Eating Pork, chicken, fish, and shellfish can also be a good source of iron.

If you like to go Vega, you can go for dried fruits such as apricots and prunes, beans lentils and tofu are also rich in iron. You can as well go for Lentils, Spinach, Broccoli tops and Prune juice.

Vitamin C

Another solution to Iron Deficiency is to try and increase your body Vitamin C. increasing the level of Vitamin C in your body will increase your body’s ability to store and absorb more Iron. You can always digest Vitamin C supplement directing, or you can also eat vitamin C rich diets like strawberries, red peppers, spinach and Oranges.

Take dietary supplement with iron

You need to be careful with taking Iron dietary supplement, you need to follow your doctor’s prescription and note that taking more than prescribed will not speed up the result but can actually have a side effect on your health. There is also a condition called Iron overload.

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