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How your Cortisone Levels can Affect Stretch Marks

How your Cortisone Levels can Affect Stretch Marks

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is in charge of a wide range of processes inside the body together with immune responses, regulating metabolism, and appearing as an anti-inflammatory. Additionally it plays a fundamental role in the way that the body responds to stress. It starts in the cortex of the adrenal glands and is transported and released through the body by the human blood. Cortisol is one the essential our body can’t live without. Too little and too much cortisol in your system can bring about issues that vary from minor to serious. The consequences of getting too much cortisol in the body system can include stretch marks. Also, those who possess a very low amount of cortisol are susceptible to experiencing problems such as fatigue, tiredness, weight loss and darkening in some parts of the skin. Here are some of the effects of Cortisone level on Stretch Marks:

Slows down Skin Healing process: Stretch marks always occur when the skin is stretchedabnormally over a period. This kind of stretching causes the skin’s help structure of elastin and collagen to break down, but excessive cortisol levels reduce healing process and normal cell redevelopment, which isn't good for stretch marks.

Weight gain: an excessive level of cortisol in the system can bring about weight gain, and for any individual with the stretch mark, it'll aggravate the prevailing stretch marks. When your dermis expands, there is a huge probability that the blood vessels, elastic fibers, and collagen in your dermis will be broken and they are going to bring about irritation. This shows how high levels of cortisol have an effect on and aid the appearance of stretch marks.

Weight loss: It's known that excessive level of cortisol is not advisable for people with stretch marks. Because there can be an increase in weight gain, however when you drop a few pounds due to low cortisol, most especially at a very fast rate, this means you aren't giving your skin enough time to return in shape and tighten up, and for anyone with stretch marks, weight loss will only add more stretch marks to the old ones.

Weakens Elastic Fiber in the skin: The stress hormone created by adrenal glands is transformed into cortisone, which reduces the strength of elastic fibers in the dermis. Stretch marks usually tend to advance and appear extra extreme on parts of the body where there are excessive levels of circulating cortisone.

A steady consumption of water can help in fighting stretch marks. There are various research works which have proved that water can eliminate unpleasant scars like stretch marks. A hydrated body can help to increase the elasticity of your skin which can help in avoiding stretch marks. However, due to the high level of cortisone in the body, urination will frequently occur, as a way to make the body not to be adequately hydrated, and remember for people with stretch marks they need to stay hydrated. Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation bear in mind that the increase in cortisol levels causes changes in our body, some of which may affect the appearance of stretch marks.

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