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How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

How to whiten your teeth at home

These days there are so many whitening products in the market; it can be hard to know which one really works. Unfortunately, if you are like me and can’t afford the steep prices of professional whitening it can seem like a lost cause. However, if you are in this position, don’t despair there may be a solution for you. There are several homemade whitening solutions that may do just the trick. These options are inexpensive, simple and most importantly, effective. Here are a few of my favorite tricks to keep my teeth shining bright.

  • Baking Soda - Baking soda is a staple in my home because of its versatile use is my everyday life. Whether it’s getting rid of stains or getting rid of odors in my fridge, its one home remedy I just cannot live without. It goes without saying that I also find it useful as a whitening agent. One way to use baking soda is to form a paste with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide; the paste should be slightly thin in consistency. Add some of the paste to your toothbrush ad brush your mouth as you normally would. When using baking soda you want to be extremely careful to ensure that you do not scrub too hard, additionally you do not want the paste to be grainy. Abrasive rubbing of the tooth can cause damage to your enamel and once it has been damaged it cannot be repaired. Repeat this process 1-2 times a week in place of your regular toothpaste and expect to see results within 2-3 weeks of starting.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Now I know I said Baking soda was a favorite of mine, but apple cider vinegar has got to be a close second. Due to the acidity in ACV it helps to brighten your teeth and remove some of the stains that have accumulated over time. To incorporate this in your routine, first brush your teeth with a swish of Apple Cidar Vinegar for 2 minutes. After this has been done, go ahead and brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste and rinse thoroughly when completed. As always when using a substance that contains acid on your teeth, you want to use only a few times a week so as to not wear away your enamel.
  • Strawberry & Salt Paste – This remedy is apparently a hidden secret known only by celebrities and the like. To make this paste simply mash together some strawberries and add a dash of salt (or baking soda) until a thick paste has been formed. Once the paste has been formed brush your teeth as normal and allow it to sit in your mouth for upwards of 3 minutes. Rinse and repeat this process on a daily basis. Strawberries contain Vitamin C which helps to remove plaque. Additionally it contains malic acid which helps to eliminate surface stains. Salt has had many purposes over the years and is a standard use in oral hygiene. Due to its abrasive as well as sanitizing properties it helps to get rid of more junk and dirt.

The next time you step in the pharmacy and pass the line of whitening products, you can smile safely and securely. These homemade whitening techniques have been proven to work with consistent use and can take a few shades of your teeth. The trick to seeing results however is to develop a consistent routine, changes will not happen overnight. However, you can’t help but be exited at the results, especially when other people start to notice. Before you spend your hard-earned money on whitening kits that have a chance of working, try them for yourself you have nothing to lose.

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