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How to Reduce Stretch Marks on Arms

How to Reduce Stretch Marks on Arms

The arms are one of the body parts prone to developing stretch marks; over 90% of people with stretch marks have some on their arms. Although stretch marks are generally harmless, but people still have a need to get rid of them, mostly because of the way they look and how it restricted their fashion choice.

What are Stretch marks?

Stretch marks is a very common condition, it appears on women more than men. Stretch marks are those pink, red or yellow glossy streaks that appear on the skin, mostly when the body undergoes rapid weight gain or weight loss. Although the skin has a reasonable amount of elasticity, stretch marks will appear when the skin is rapidly stretched beyond its capability. There are many factors that cause stretch marks on the body, but in most cases, rapid muscle gain is the common cause of stretch marks on the arms. Some other cause includes weight gain and puberty.

Muscle gain

The muscle builders are the most vulnerable to having stretch marks on the arm. When working out at the gym to build some muscle mass and improve your biceps or triceps, you need to understand that as your muscle expands, so is your skin. Your skin will start having tears (stretch marks) when your muscle develops more than what your skin can take.

Weight gain

Another factor that may cause the appearance of stretch makes on the arms is weight gain. Fat deposit tends to be a bit heavier on the arms. Which will lead to a rapid stretch of the arms skin and eventually cause stretch marks?


Puberty can also cause stretch marks. Stretch marks tend to appear as boys are girls experience a growth spurt during puberty. The weight gain and increase in height contribute to the appearance of stretch marks on the arm. In this event, boys are most likely to have stretch marks on their arms than girls.

Reducing stretch marks on the arms

There is a wide option to fro treating and reducing stretch marks on the arms, some of it include:

Chemical peeling: this type of stretch marks treatment are more effective on recently appearing stretch marks, they target the epidermis in the distress area.

Anti-stretch marks cream: these are creams and lotion specially made to reduce and prevent stretch marks formation on the body. These creams are made with some active ingredient that works on the distress part of the skin. The most common active ingredient used in most anti-stretch marks cream is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is commonly used because of it been a great emollient and its antioxidant properties.

Laser therapies: this is a more advanced option of treating and reducing stretch marks in the arms. This uses a laser device to target the epidermis and stimulate the production of collagen in the distress area. Care must be taking when using laser to reduce stretch marks, as improper used can lead to skin damage and cause other complication.

Some other advanced options for reducing stretch marks on the arms include endermologie treatment and dermal needles. This can work on even aged and faded stretch marks. It works by stimulating the production of collagen that repairs the skin.


Working out and building your muscle is great, but overdoing it will lead to skin tear or stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks, try to keep the muscle gain at steady manner, be observant, try to check the areas on your body that may develop stretch marks as you grow. Earlier detection is the best, you will be able to fight it before it gets worse. Eating balanced diet and using moisturizer are also an effective way to reduce and prevent stretch marks.

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