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How to Hide a Tattoo?

How to Hide a Tattoo?

Why hide a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo done for most people is like an expression of sorts. It is about something that they like, a way of life or an announcement to the world at large. So you have people doing tattoos of their partner’s names, their favorite stars or symbols of something that they believe in. So, a tattoo is meant to be flaunted, isn’t it? Why then would someone want to hide a tattoo?

The reasons are as interesting as the ones for which people actually get a tattoo done. There are many occasions where a tattoo may be considered inappropriate. It could be a job interview where you want to give that professional impression. Or it could just be a formal occasion or family gathering or your girlfriend invited you home to meet her parents. And yes, you don’t want that great aunt of yours to see that tattoo of yours lest she faints!!!!!!!

Options for hiding a tattoo

Well, whatever your reason, there is no cause for worry. It is possible to hide those tattoos with some deft makeup. Even some specialized tattoo cover-up products are available in the market and these are highly effective as well. The best idea of hiding a tattoo is to make sure that it is well concealed with some intelligent skin tone makeup.

Since it involves making sure that your tattoo is camouflaged to appear like your normal skin, the ready-made tattoo cover-up products come in a variety of options to match the various human skin colors. Off the shelf products like Tattoo Camo and Dermablend work beautifully to serve your purpose and they are easy to use as well. The one downside is that these products could prove costly, especially if your intention is a one-off use. So the other option available is to deftly cover your tattoo with regular makeup available at home.

Using makeup to cover tattoos

Follow the below steps to use regular makeup to cover your tattoo:

  • Clean the skin on and around the tattoo–You could simply use a wet wipe or a face wash to cleanse your skin. This makes sure that any amount of dirt or dust is removed. When the skin is clean, it improves the effect of the makeup.
  • Apply a concealer–The next step is to use a concealer on the tattoo. Use a brush to do this activity as that helps in making sure that the concealer is spread evenly. Do not rub it in, but just dab it. Once done, wait for a while and let it dry.
  • Apply foundation–Once the concealer is dried up apply makeup foundation cream. Choose a foundation cream that is matching your skin color. If it is a spray foundation, shake it well and hold it a bit away from the tattoo and spray it in spurts ensuring to cover the whole area. In case you are using the other cream varieties of the foundation, then again use a brush like you did with the concealer. Allow this to set.
  • Apply powder–Once the foundation is set, the next step is to dab some invisible powder on it.
  • Use Hair spray–Yes, the next step to make sure that it stays for a while and doesn’t get rubbed off is to apply some hair spray. This helps it set.
  • The tattoo by now is covered well and good and you are good to go.

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