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How to Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

How to Choose a Good Tattoo Artist

Getting tattoos like any other life experience can be beautiful however it can also turn out to be a nightmare if it is not done professionally. Proper care must be taken when you want to pick a tattoo artist to avoid the harmful effects of using an artist who uses improper tattooing techniques. A professional tattoo artist must have at least 3 to 4 years training experience in an apprenticeship at a registered standard tattoo studio. During which he or she must have learned and mastered the basics of making a great tattoo. This category of tattoo artists will be different from those who are untrained but are just artistically gifted but lack the knowledge of professionalism practice. These tattoo artists purchase low standard equipment for their services and probably use a house basement or the back of a bar for their practice. Avoid these type of tattoo artists because you might not be lucky enough to walk away without an infection or even worse. The fact that tattoo is a mark that lasts forever meaning both the tattoo and the experience will be with you for a long time makes it worth it to spend time and find the best tattoo artist that will give you the best experience and tattoo you have always dream of. Here are tips that will guide you to pick just the right tattoo artist.

Ask friends: One of the easiest ways to locate the best tattoo artist is to start asking from family and friends that have one of the best tattoos you love. They probably will recommend a good artist for you so when you hear them praising the work of a particular artist, take it.

Check online: Most professional tattoo artist can be found online. They have their own website where you can go through their past work and also read reviews about them. You can always confirm what you want from people's comments about their work online.

Do physical inspection: Go to a tattoo studio you want and inspect the studio. Check out their portfolios, equipment and their infection control practice. Watch him in action for a while, see if he sterilized his equipment and disposed the needle after usage. Remember, a tattoo artist studio must also be as clean as a dentist office because this is where the sterilized condition measures can be guaranteed.

Tips to Know you Are in the Right Tattoo Studio

  • A good tattoo artist must have a sample of their previous work. Whether a photo album of their work or a display of stock of their work on their studio wall. If a tattoo artist can't provide you with any of this, walk right out.
  • A good tattoo artist must have an autoclave certificate which is an equipment used to sterilize medical equipment.
  • A good tattoo artist wears medical standard Latex Gloves during their services to prevent germs spread from their fingers. Freshly tattooed body is very prone to getting infected if proper health measure is not taken.

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