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How Facial Peels Work

How Facial Peels Work

Facial peel is a skin-resurfacing methodology whereby the skin’s top layer is renewed following removal of the outer skin. The procedure involves applying chemical solution to the skin purposely to peel off the outer skin. Let’s find out how facial peels work.

Most people treat skin discoloration including wrinkles using the facial peel process. The process can be used safely in conjunction with other procedures involving other cosmetics. The resulting skin would often look younger and much smoother. Facial peels can be carried out at different levels such as deep, medium or light depending on individual needs. If you want dramatic results, then go for deep facial or chemical peels although it involves extended recovery period.

Why Facial Peel is done

A facial peel, usually referred to as chemical peel is employed to solve various skin problems. The depth of the peel in question will be based on the problem being addressed. Depths vary as follows:

  • Light Facial Peel: This is usually superficial and performs well to remove the epidermis (outer) layer. It is commonly used to remove acne, wrinkles as well as to make smooth uneven, dry skin. You can go through light facial peel once weekly up to the sixth week. It will, of course depend on the kind of results you so desire.
  • Medium Facial Peel: Apart from removing skin cells from the outer skin (epidermis), it goes further into the middle layer (dermis). Issues to do with uneven skin, scars and stubborn acne will be solved quite easily using medium depth facial peel technique. In order to sustain the results, you can go for repeat treatment after 12 months.
  • Deep Facial Peel: If you have deeply rooted wrinkles, precancerous growths or scars, your medical practitioner may recommend deep facial peel. The process works to remove cells from upper and lower dermis layers.

How you prepare for facial peel

Before you undergo facial peeling, your doctor would ask to review the following:

  • Medical Background: You should provide your previous and current medical conditions. Your doctor would be interested to know whether you have had medical issues to do with your kidneys, heart or liver. Provide the doctor with all the details about any recent medications you have taken including current ones if any. If you have had surgical operation in the past; tell it all to your doctor. While still with the doctor, let him/her know that you have been using retinoid cream (tretinoin) if you actually used it. Note that tretinoin may help to accelerate penetration of some chemicals used in deep facial peels.
  • Physical tests: Be prepared to allow your doctor to inspect all the areas to be treated. This would help him or her to asses and determine the best facial peel for you. The checkup involves physical features such as skin thickness and tone, both of which are likely to affect the outcome.

Feel free to discuss with your doctor things about which you are not sure. For instance, you may want to know about the potential side effects if any, motivations as well as expectations. Get to know more about how facial peels work and the period it takes to recover.

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