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Facial Fillers to Reduce Acne Scars

Facial Fillers to Reduce Acne Scars

For some, acne only brought an unpleasant pimple or two during the teen years. For others, acne blemishes were an on-going threat to appearance and confidence. Even if the pimples themselves were left in the past, the acne scars can remain to remind you of the times you were ostracized or bullied because of your bad complexion. Now, those scars can also be a thing of the past with special procedures that use facial fillers to reduce their appearance and give you a smoother and more attractive appearance.

What Are Acne Scars?

For people who suffered drastically with acne in their younger years, the pain may not go away as they leave puberty behind and become an adult. Now, instead of pimples and blemishes, they have scars and pits on their cheeks, chin, jawline, and forehead. Acne scars are categorized into various types such as rolling, ice pick, and boxcar.

  • Rolling Acne Scars– These are long, relatively shallow scars that appear almost like waves of damaged skin. If you can gently pull your skin smooth with your fingers, this is probably the type of acne scars you have.
  • Ice Pick Scars– These show up as narrow and deep holes in your facial skin.
  • Boxcar Acne Scars– These are named because the scars are wide and deep with well-defined edges. They look like small boxes sunk into your face.

What Can Facial Fillers Do?

No matter what type of acne scars you have, facial fillers can help reduce their appearance and give you a smoother face. All facial fillers are injected by a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. The most common types are called hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and come under a few brand names such as Juvederm and Restylane. Your doctor will probably have a favorite brand and let you know which one will work best for your particular scar situation.

This acid is naturally found in your skin and body. Injecting more of it into the skin around and under the acne scars helps them fill up and smooth out once again. This procedure is done in the office usually takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the amount of scarring you want to be filled. There may be some redness or swelling for a day or two, but soon you will be able to enjoy your smoother complexion.

The main problem with hyaluronic acid fillers is that they are not permanent. Because the gel-like material is natural, it does get reabsorbed into the body over time. Most acne scar fills last about a year. For the relatively affordable price of this procedure, a year of smooth cheeks and chin is worth it. A year of no shame and lack of self-confidence can certainly change your life.

There are more permanent and more expensive options in facial fillers that do not use hyaluronic acid. Instead, some inject collagen. This lasts a lot longer and also costs more, but the value may be worth it to you. No matter what product you choose or your doctor recommends, using facial fillers to reduce the appearance of acne scars can give you the smooth skin you always wanted. Leave behind the ugly reminder of teenage breakouts and step forward with new confidence.

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