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Dry Winter Skin Routine


Winter is a beautiful time of the year, with all the snow that cover the whole place_ giving everything one unique bright color. Yes, winter is fun and interesting with all the activities and all but one of the things with don’t really enjoy about winter is the dry air that tends to dry everything up, even our skin. As we all know and understand that_ be it winter or summer, taking care of our skin should be one of our highest priority. With the dry air and all during winter makes skincare even more necessary. We will be sharing some dry winter skin routine you can follow to keep your skin soft and cool all through winter but you need to know what happen to your skin during this period of the year.

What happens to your skin in winter?

Not just our body, our skin go through a lot of changes as season change. Some of the skin changes you will notice in a season like the winter include

  • Skin dehydration that change the skin look.
  • Loss of skin moisture which makes the skin look thirsty and dry.
  • Skin aging process tend to speed up during winter.
  • The skin tends to be more sensitive during winter, especially the cheek area.
  • Sometimes the skin may start reactive to things or itchy.

To avoid these, it is often recommended to change your skincare routine during winter to the one that will best protect your skin against the harsh weather and dry air. Some of the dry Winter Skin Routine you can employ includes

Dry Winter Skin Routine


The skin tends to be dry as the body become dehydrated easily. Try to stay hydrated throughout the winter, your skin needs it. To achieve this, try to drink as much water as needed and lay off some of the dehydrating food and drinks such as alcohol, coffee or any caffeinated drinks. Drinking enough water will keep your skin hydrated and able to retain some of its moisture.


Clean you face always and use the right cleanser. Winter already makes your skin dry, don’t use cleanser that will dry out your face even more; it is recommended to use non-foaming and soap-free cleanser_ as lathering and foamy cleansers contain an alkaline pH which will cause your skin to easily dry out. Go soap-free and be gentle with your skin.

Apply hydration Serum

Try to apply serum to your skin after cleansing. Applying serum is one of the best ways to keep skin hydrated in the dry winter weather.


Summer or winter, moisturizing your skin is very important. Try to apply moisturizer every time every day throughout winter and use the right product. There are some moisturizers that are specially made for winter, check the product information and be sure you are using the right moisturizer.

Gentle Exfoliation

Exfoliating is very important, even in winter but as the skin become more sensitive during winter, you need to take caution when you exfoliate. Dead cells build up are less during cold weather like winter; therefore, try to reduce the number of time you exfoliate and don’t use anything too aggressive and drying.

Apply overnight facial

Protecting your skin is not just for the day alone, you need to protect it through the night also. Try to apply overnight facial that will keep your skin moisture and smooth overnight. There are lots of overnight facial mask that are made for this purpose.

Use a lip balm that works

While you are taking care of your skin, don’t forget about your lips, the lips have a very soft skin and tend to experience the winter dryness more than any part of the body. Try to apply lip balm always and use the right one that will work and protect your lips from drying out.

Nourish hands and nails

Use hand lotion, try to moisturize your hand always.

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