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Drinking and Smoking Linked to Hair Loss

Drinking and Smoking Linked to Hair Loss

There are many reasons that an individual may experience hair loss. Balding is most prevalent among aging individuals, but other factors may also contribute, such as stress, genetics, and possible health conditions. Being rough with the hair and damaging it may also escalate the issue. Two other lifestyle choices linked to hair loss are drinking and smoking. Although genes have been found to play the most important role in balding, other environmental or lifestyle choices, especially smoking and drinking, are also of high importance.

Alcohol and smoking affect hair loss in different ways. Dehydration is the primary way which alcohol may increase balding. Hair follicles need to stay hydrated in order to be healthy and strong, and alcohol dehydrates the entire body. Aside from this, alcohol also expels many nutrients in the body. Hair growth requires a variety of these nutrients, and thus isn't able to grow and replenish like it usually would. As a result, the hair can become both brittle and dry. Obviously dry, brittle hair is more likely to break or fall out, resulting in a thinner head of hair. Zinc and iron are sapped from the body with the intake of alcohol. Both of these minerals are vital to the body and hair. Iron deficiency has been linked to telogen effluvium which is a condition in which balding and aging happen prematurely.

Obviously smoking has been connected to a variety of health conditions. It is also linked to hair loss and damaged hair because cigarette smoking can be very damaging to the cells throughout the body. This is due to the thousands of destructive chemicals contained in even one cigarette. Both smoking and drinking are capable of dehydrating the cells in the body. This again has the same result—hair loss and thinning. Hair is strongly affected by the monoxide and nicotine which exist in cigarettes. Carbon monoxide makes it more difficult for the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body, whereas nicotine makes it more difficult for the body to pump blood. Together these chemicals reduce the amount of oxygen that makes its way to hair follicles through the blood. Oxygen is important for healthy hairs and expels free radicals. One study even found that those living in more highly polluted areas tend to experience more hair loss.

There have been multiple studies revolving around smoking and drinking and the connection which they have with hair loss. The evidence stands to reason that the link does exist in both men and women. The most clear solution to these problems is to stop smoking and moderate drinking. These two lifestyle changes will have a positive effect on hair loss and stop contributing to the problem. There may still be other components at play which lead to hair loss, such as genetics, but there are many natural remedies which may help to reverse the effects of this issue. It is suggested to use Aloe Vera gel, herbs, and vitamins in order to combat hair loss. This along with quitting smoking and drinking will result in a much healthier head of hair.

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