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Does Shaving Cause Dark Underarms?


Does shaving cause dark underarms

The answer for the question is a big yes. However there are many causes for dark underarms and skin. Some of the reasons for darkened underarms can be use of creams for hair removal and shaving. Shaving can be one of the main reasons for your dark underarms. Therefore it is better to have a good understanding on this concern before you shave your underarms again. Try waxing instead. It will hurt more but it will sure remove the hair from the root unlike other methods and techniques out there available. Waxing will remove the hair from the root and will keep your underarm clear and clean. According to the researchers and studies carried out, waxing is considered to be the most effective and healthy way of hair removal of your underarms and the side effects are at a very low or zero level.

Exposure to the sunlight might not be the only reason for darkening of your skin. There can be lot of reasons behind darkening of your skin as well as the underarms.  This can be a major concern of the women in particular as the dark patches could be seen to anyone when they are in the swim suit or bathing suit or wearing a sleeveless top etc. As mentioned above there can be many reason for darkened underarms other than the exposure to the direct sunlight. Certain diseases and physical and bodily conditions can also darken your skin and underarms. A good example would be hyperpigmentation or Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is a disorder or a condition that weakens the adrenal glands and results in them failing to produce a sufficient and adequate level of critical hormones.

There are many medications, creams, oils and solutions out there available in the market for the removal of dark patches under your underarms. As stated above one of the reason being shaving, to prevent dark underarms you can stop it and try other techniques and methods that are available in the market such as waxing. However doctor’s recommendation is not to use any creams for the hair removal of underarms as they can also make your underarms dark.

Darkened underarms can be a major problem for the women relatively to the men. Men particularly do not consider this fact as women. On the other hand women can encounter this issue more than that of the men do, due to the hormone and bodily conditions. If you are frustrated of dark underarms, avoid bad habits such as shaving. If dark underarms are caused due to a reasons other than shaving, it is better to visit a skin specialist or a doctor for further medications and investigations. Cleanliness is also important for the avoidance of dark underarms. Normally sweat and dirt reside in your underarms until you have a wash. Thus this can be a major reason for dark underarms too. Practice good habits and cleanliness is very important in this concern.

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