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Does Pregnancy Cause Scars?

Does Pregnancy Cause Scars?

Pregnancy can be defined as a series of hormonal changes and nourishment needs. The female body has to accommodate the fetus and the production of HCG hormone. In addition, pregnant ladies will have to experience an ever-expanding skin and stronger circulations of blood stream. During pregnancy waist, hips, thighs and the tissue around abdomen would grow consistently throughout the trimester. This growth can cause scars on the skin, which can create a tremendous impact on self-esteem.

Scars appear on skin after pregnancy mainly due to the stretching of the skin. As a result, these scars are also known as stretch marks. During pregnancy, your body would grow at a faster rate when compared to skin. This would break the elastic fibers that are located under the surface of your skin. As a result, you will have to experience stretch marks after delivery. From the studies, it has been identified that an average woman gains about 30 pounds during the 9 months of pregnancy. This can cause stretch marks on breasts and belly. They can also appear in other parts of the body including upper arms, bullocks and thighs. These marks usually start with a purple or red color, but they fade to gray or white after pregnancy. Unfortunately, these marks do not become invisible after pregnancy. Therefore, women will have to think of stretch mark removal methods in order to get rid of them.

Almost all the women are aware about the appearance of stretch marks on skin after pregnancy. As a result, they are looking for methods to stay away from getting stretch marks. Unfortunately, stretch mark prevention is not possible. You will not be able to find a lotion or a cream that can keep you away from getting stretch marks. You might see some products on the market, which claims that they can prevent the appearance of stretch marks. However, these products are not in a position to deliver effective results and you shouldn’t be fooled by them. It is always better to keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy because they can minimize the appearance of stretch marks up to a certain extent.

After the delivery, you are provided with several effective methods to get rid of stretch marks. You can either use a stretch mark removal cream of go for a stretch mark removal surgery. However, the stretch mark removal surgeries are expensive and you will have to spend few hundred dollars. If you are looking for a cost effective solution, you can talk with a dermatologist and purchase a reliable stretch mark removal cream. Such a cream would stimulate the production of collagen in your skin and eliminate the appearance of stretch marks and scars along with time.

The healing process differs from one woman to another. Some may have to experience lingering effects as well. If the scars remain tender and enlarged even after a couple of weeks of treatment, it is better to seek the assistance of a physician.

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