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Do Oxygen Facials Really Work?

Do Oxygen Facials Really Work?

Everyone with one or more skin problem is always looking for a treatment that will take everything away in a quick and effective way. There have been advertisements on different type of skin product but unfortunately, most of these skin care products do not work as much as it was portrayed on TVs or magazine, all is just for sell out. Most people have been considering oxygen facials to tighten their sagging skin and make their wrinkles skins disappear for good but the questions on their mind are, do oxygen facials really work?

If you are considering oxygen facial to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s younger appearance, it is important you understand how oxygen facial procedure really work.

Oxygen facial procedure

The procedure for oxygen facial involves the use of a machine to spray an atomized moisturizer onto the skin with use of pressurized oxygen. The pressurized oxygen used is treated with numbers of supplements rich in vitamins and other supplements that are good for the skin. The procedure help to hydrate your skin immediately, smooth out the fine line and wrinkles and retain its firmness making the face appear smoother.

The good thing is, oxygen facial procedure is painless, and it is a non-medical procedure that does not involve the use of injections or the use of any chemicals. The procedure can be performed by any spa professionals that know how to operate the machine. Before the procedure, the skin care professional may need to first exfoliate your skin to ensure they are free from dirt to make the result effective.

Expected result

Aging cause our body to weaken and reduce its work capacity, this result in reduction of collagen and elastin production in the skin, this in turn speeds up the aging process. Our exposure to environmental pollutions and the damaging UV radiations from the sun ray doesn’t help the matter either. Oxygen facial treatment seems more appealing to counter the effects of these factors.

The pressurize oxygen help the skin to absorb the infused serums which are designed to work with elements essential to the body and allow the skin to treat itself quickly.

The oxygen facial helps to protect and reverse the damages from environmental pollutant that can affect our body. The infusion of oxygen and vitamin to the part of the body help release moisturizers onto the skin, promotes cell growth as well as collagen and elastin production. The physical benefits include; reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, glowing and younger looking skin and improvement on the overall texture of the skin. The patients enjoy quick recovery time, they don’t have to worry about any painful side effect like itches or skin burns. Patient with delicate or sensitive skin can also undergo this procedure since it does not require injections or the use of any chemicals. Oxygen facials are considered cheap when compared to Botox injection.

However, the procedure sounds very interesting and intriguing especially since it has gained popularity, thanks to the recommendation from some celebrities like Madonna, but it is important to know that the beautiful result is not for a long term. The result is temporary and requires more time and money to maintain the desired effects. Oxygen facials have not been approved by FDA and anyone without a licensed dermatologist can carry out the procedure.

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