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Considerations Before Getting a Tattoo

Considerations Before Getting a Tattoo

There are things you need to understand before making a decision about whether to get or not to get yourself tattooed. Tattoos were associated with gangsters in the past but today, more and more people have developed an interest in having their skin inked. Its popularity is growing steadily and many celebrities use it as a symbol of status while others display it as a way to make a fashion statement. Let’s analyze the underlying facts about tattoos.

  • Tidbit number one: Get to understand what it takes to have a tattoo. Read many reviews especially from those who have gone through the experience. If you can have a chance to speak to a tattoo artist, it would be advisable to ask all that you need to know especially the procedures involved and the side effects that come along with it if any. Gather as much information as you can before taking a shot yourself.
  • Tidbit number two: It hurts!- yes it does. Although no one enjoys anything painful, different people experience varying depths of pain when being tattooed. It may hurt more or less. However, there is no known tattoo procedure that is absolutely painless.
  • Tidbit number four: Once you get inked, the area affected takes considerable period of time to heal, probably a couple of weeks.
  • Tidbit number five: The aftercare required following a tattoo involves keeping the tattoo clean and free from any kind of infection. Tattoo artists often recommend applying cocoa butter and other ointments around the wound to allow it to heal faster.
  • Tidbit number six: Tattoo marks are permanent. Even though tattoo marks can remove thereafter by an expert, it leaves behind faint traces of scars on your skin. So make sure to think about it before making a final decision on being inked.
  • Tidbit number seven: It is going to be conspicuous. Yes, everyone will see that you have a tattoo and probably make good or bad comments about it. While some tattoo designs can match with different types of outfit, others would simply look outrageously odd. So you need to choose the part of your body that you need to be inked and the most befitting tattoo style.

Facts to Verify

How safe if tattoo? A tattoo artist who is doing it for business may not reveal the dangers associated with the practice. It is your body that’s worked on, so feel free to interrogate him thoroughly on the pros and cons of having one tattooed. Look around the parlor where you intend to have your tattoo; it should be absolutely clean and the equipment including the tattoo gun must be in pristine condition. Safety and hygiene ought to be on top of your priorities while at the same time ensuring that the artist uses new needles when carrying out his craft.

Basis in law

Different countries worldwide have different perceptions about tattoos. Therefore laws governing tattoos are equally different. Some restrict tattooing to people above 18 years of age whereas in some countries, a minor can have a tattoo under strict supervision from an adult. Others require written consent from the minor’s parents.

Before you decide to have yourself tattooed, remember, it is a personal affair. Many people make tattoos that are symbolic of something they admire. If you are a minor, make sure you let your parents know about your intentions beforehand. In some communities, tattoos are viewed with negative connotations despite widespread acceptance in different places. Use your conventional wisdom to decide.

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