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Concealing Dark Circles With Makeup

Concealing Dark Circles With Makeup

No woman wants dark circles under her eyes. Besides soothing them with cut cucumbers and applying expensive firming gels, there are plenty of makeup tips to help. In order to conceal dark circles with makeup, it takes more than slathering on some pale foundation. Read on to learn the best steps to have a flawless under eye area every time.

Prepping the Eye Area for Makeup

After washing and drying your face, use your favorite moisturizing cream or under eye lotion to prepare this delicate skin for makeup application. This is an important step that should not be missed because the overall health of the skin under your eyes will help it stay smooth and lessen the chances of its appearing darker than the area surrounding it.

Correcting the Under Eye Circles

The main goal of applying concealer is to counteract the dark shade under your eyes. This makeup product should not necessarily be the same color as your skin. The circles under your eyes may appear grayish, bluish, or simply darker brown or tan depending on your skin color. In order to balance these shades out to a more natural and lighter look, a concealer should have pink or peach tones. Which one you choose will depend on if you have a warmer or cooler complexion.

When applying concealer, do not layer on a thick coating. Instead, dab it likely or apply a thin layer and then spread it out to cover the whole area with your fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Concealer Comes Next

This makeup should be lighter in weight and closer to your natural skin color. You can also use your everyday foundation for this step. The most important rule to conceal dark circles with makeup is to make sure the application is thin and properly blended. The last thing you want is eye makeup that creases or slides in unattractive ways over the course of the day.

Finishing Touches for Dark Circle Makeup

Once you have properly concealed the dark circles under your eyes with color correction and foundation, you need to set the makeup with a thin application of powder. This also helps blend the different products you may use on your cheeks and under your eyes to give a smoother, more natural complexion.

All these steps should be completed before adding blush or eye makeup. If you regularly suffer from dark circles under your eyes, you might want to adopt the new way of applying your eye makeup as well. A harsh line of eyeliner on the bottom lashes may make the space under your eyes look darker as well. Keep things light and fresh. To brighten the area even more, consider a sweep of shimmering champagne, peach, or gold shadow on the lower lid as well as the upper.

Concealing dark circles with makeup is one of the most popular cosmetics tasks that women undertake every day. In this stressful and busy time when people do not get enough sleep, dark circles may be more visible than ever. Luckily, makeup can help as long as you know how to apply it correctly.

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