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Can Facial Yoga Prevent Eye Bags

Can Facial Yoga Prevent Eye Bags

Under eye bags can make you look older, tired, and worn out. While there are topical solutions and plastic surgery options that could help prevent them from appearing so unattractive, facial yoga offers a more natural and accessible approach to dealing with unsightly eye bags. Best of all, this exercise regimen for your face is completely free and anyone can do it. But does facial yogareally help prevent or get rid of eye bags so you can regain a more youthful and fresh look?

Facial Yoga Explained

Just as yoga strengthens, stretches, and relaxes muscles all over the body, facial yoga exercises and rejuvenates the face. Every expression you make throughout the day is controlled by multiple small muscles working in conjunction. As you get older, these muscles get weaker, flabby, but can also suffer from muscle memory problems after repeated grimaces or scowls. This can lead to wrinkles, creases, and a breakdown of tissues that can result in uneven fluid this distribution and lack of tone. Facial yoga has been designed to counteract these processes and give you a more youthful and vigorous look once again.

Facial Yoga to Focus on Eye Bags

Puffy eyes and eye bags occur for numerous reasons. Strain from reading computer screens or fine print all day, television show marathons, and working or playing sports outside in the bright light for a long time may all contribute. Age is, of course, another large factor in developing eye bags.

The increasingly popular practice of facial yoga delivers a full-face benefit when practiced regularly. Specific moves or actions that focus on the eye bags can help you achieve results for quickly.

There is a facial yoga exercise you can try for the purpose of preventing or minimizing the appearance of eye bags.

Begin by looking straight ahead at something pleasant. Avoid looking at a computer or television screen for this exercise. Then, both your mouth downward and make an exaggerated O shape with your lips. This will also lower your chin and jaw line. You should feel a slight stretch under your eyes and at the top of your cheeks. Hold this for a few seconds and repeat 10 times three times every day.

This facial yoga exercise can be augmented with additional moves. While you are making the O with your lips, look upward without crinkling your forehead. Then, try to raise your lower lids to close your eyes multiple times.

Another option using very similar positioning involves lifting the weight of your index finger with your lower lid. Achieve the same facial yoga position, except this time place your index fingers horizontally on the upper part of your cheeks under your eyes. Then, attempt to lift them up using just the power of your lower lid. Do not scrunch up your cheeks or wrinkle your nose to do this.

Although facial yoga can achieve wonderful results, do not expect them to be quick or dramatic. Practice these exercises every day for a period of weeks or months to help prevent ugly under eye bags or to minimize the look of those you already have.

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