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Bleaching Your Intimate Areas


Bleaching Your Intimate Areas

Once thought to be a taboo subject which was exclusively reserved for adult movie stars, bleaching of the intimate areas were not mainstream until the last few years. This is due to the uncomfortable nature of the topic which most women decide not to speak about. However due to the surge in popularity of Hollywood and the mainstream media, bleaching of the intimate areas are not so taboo anymore. Resulting in the cat being a beauty trend that most cultures and countries practice time and time again. It is extremely popular between women of all ages and backgrounds. Women are no longer reluctant to white their intimate areas. The intimate bleaching areas namely, vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching, require different methods and applications. It is important to note that since these areas are very sensitive, the products and methods used must be safe and most importantly they should include natural ingredients which are not harmful in the short term as well as the long term.

Let us begin by examining the information with regard to vaginal bleaching. This is the process of using the safest and most natural products in order to whiten the current color of the vulva making it whiter and less dark. One important factor and point you should not is that not all bleaching agents are safe. Hence it is important to know what to avoid and not use at all costs. Of these unsafe chemicals, the most detrimental one is hydroquinone. This chemical agent is very dangerous as it has the ability to affect you with uterus cancer. This chemical not only causes uterus cancer, but could also result in many other health issues as well. So it is better to avoid any product that includes this chemical agent.

Anal bleaching is very similar as well. It has a similar purpose in the sense that it too has the aim of whitening the area in and around the anus. This is harder to apply since it is difficult to do alone. Hence why the best method to do this is by visiting a spa or salon, or visit a medical professional. Most people do anal bleaching frequently because it seems cleaner and most importantly feels cleaner. The bleaching agents are same as vaginal bleaching hence it is vital not that here too, certain chemical agents must be avoided at all costs.

It is important to note that starting to bleach could be a difficult choice to make. But it is an important one to say the least. If women apply makeup and whitening cream to their faces and upper bodies, then it is also a perfectly acceptable choice to bleach your intimate areas as well. This will make you feel more confident when you are alone as well as when you are with someone else. Hence do to be afraid to bleach your intimate areas, weather by yourself or by a professional. If you use the right and safe ingredients, there are no side effects.

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