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Best Scar Treatments of 2016

Best Scar Treatments of 2016

Although scar cannot be removed completely, but there are lots of treatments that can reduce or improve scar look and make it less obvious. However, the effectiveness of each treatment varies and depends on the size and type of the scars. For better result, most scar treatments must be performed during scars maturation process_ when the scar started to heal.

Some of the most common and effective scars treatments include.

Silicone sheets or gels

This type of scars treatment should be applied on a healing skin and not open wounds. The silicone sheets or gels can be place or message on the scars surface, it acts like a thin layer of skin that cover the scar to keep it hydrated and moisture, which help reduce redness and minimize the development of hypertrophic or keloid scars. There are lots of Silicone sheets or gels based scar treatment products, available in some pharmacies and you can also ask dermatologist or pharmacist to recommend the silicone-based scar treatments that will be best for your situation.

Corticosteroid injections

This is a type of injections made to the scar to flatten and reduce any swelling on the scar. The dosage and duration of this treatment depend on the type of scar, the treatment sometimes takes several months with the injections giving at an interval of four- to six-week. Corticosteroid injections are often used to treat some hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Skin needling

This is a small device, mostly in hand-held roller covered in hundreds of tiny titanium made micro-needles which is run over the skin to cause pin prick wounds that will trigger the production of new collagen. This scar treatment method needs to be repeated in 5 to 6 weeks interval to achieve an effect improvement.

Dermal fillers

This is another scar treatment injection which involves injecting a man-made acid to plump up any pitted scars. This type of scar treatment is not for all type of scar and can be expensive. Plus the treatment is usually temporary and the process needs to be repeated routinely to maintain the effect.

Scars and skin cream

There is some special cream made with some active ingredients that can be effective on scars, cream containing Vitamin E are sometimes recommended for self-management of scars but they might not work on more prominent scars.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is a more advance scar treatment, it works with a CO2 fractional laser light delivering thousands of tiny and precise pulses to the skin. The pulses of light are use to target the blood vessels scar excess tissue to reduce the redness. Laser surgery can also be used on some pitted scars to make the scar flatter and heal faster. Laser surgery involves stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers by using a laser to remove the top skin layers.

Laser treatments are extremely powerful and can be risky, it is important to make sure that your Laser treatment is done by qualified doctor or fully trained medical practitioner with properly experience in using laser to improve scars. Improperly use can cause severe damage to the skin or complication.

Surgery for scars

Surgery can be the best option to treat scars that come with complication. Surgery can be used to change the positioning, shape and width of the scar. And can also be used to release a tight scar closer to a joint that might restrict movement.

Make-up for scars

Cosmetic camouflage is another option for scar treatment, scars can be covered up by applying make-up on them, particularly facial scars. There are also Camouflage make-ups specially made for covering up scars, they are mostly waterproof and can last for days. Scar Camouflage make-ups are available at most pharmacies.

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