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Are Scar Creams Considered Scar Removal Procedures ?

scars removal treatment

Scar creams are not the same as a scar removal procedure. Scar removal is the process of removing skin that has damaged tissue and then making a scar smaller in size. There are surgical scar reduction procedures that help minimize the size of scars. Also, there are treatments that can help reduce the look of scars. Treatments include:

  • Injection Fillers- This process is mainly used on acne scars on the face. These deep pitted scars are often hard to address with a topical cream. The only issue is this can be painful for some individuals and may not sound appealing to those who do not like needles.
  • Laser- This is the process of resurfacing the skin with light penetration in high energy form. This may make individuals feel a hot, burning sensation which makes it hard for some individuals to sit through the entire treatment. The downfall to this treatment is the cost and it takes several treatments to get the maximum results. Each laser treatment can cost over $500.
  • Microdermabrasion- this is typically used on acne scars as well. During this treatment a handheld mechanical hand piece is glided over the face and crystallized particles bounce back and forth against the skin and machine. This helps remove the outer skin and makes it appear smoother and softer. These treatments are often $50 or more and you will need a series of treatments as well.

Treatments often sound like they offer faster results, but the truth is it can take several months to obtain desired results. When using a scar cream, it can be applied every day, so you may begin to see visible results in just a few weeks. Many manufacturers will suggest that an individual uses the topical cream for a minimum of 2-3 months to achieve maximum results. Some people throw the product away after 30 days if they do not see results. You need to understand that it takes time and nothing happens immediately over one night. Check out the top scar products on the market at sites similar to scar-cream-center.com.

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